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Centrifugal oil refining machine

centrifugal oil refining machine 

Introduction of centrifugal oil refining machine
This kind of centrifugal oil refining machine made by Jintai makes full use of centrifugal force. In order to make the solid separate from the liquid, the drum rotates  with a high speed so that the heavy centrifugal force makes the dregs and oil separated. And when the drum stop working, the filted oil comes out with a clear and pure color. When the users cook with our oil, it won’t foam or spoil.

Advantages of centrifugal oil refining machine
1.Saving time. This oil refining machine can filt 20-25kg oil per 3-5min. And the operator need to clean the dregs after the machine filts 1000kg oil.
2.Comparing with other equipment, our centrifugal oil refining machine don’t have any loss and can save labor, reduce the cost.
3.Saving power. You can turn off the power button after the centrifugal force comes out.
4.The effect is better than any other oil filter.

Technical parameter of centrifugal oil refining machine

Model Power (KW) Rotational speed (r/min) Drum diameter (mm) Capacity (kg/h)
JTLY-40 1.5 2200 Φ360 80-150
JTLY-50 1.5 1800 Φ500 200-300
JTLY-60 1.5 1800 Φ550 260-360
JTLY-80 2.2 1800 Φ600 350-450

Actual capacity of Gongyi Jintai company

centrifugal oil refining machine

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