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Hydraulic coconut oil press machine

hydraulic cocoa oil press machine

Introduction of hydraulic coconut oil press machine
Coconut oil is derived from coconut meat (dry) as a white or yellowish fat. Coconut meat (dry) oil 65% -74%, 4-7% moisture.
Jintai hydraulic olive oil press machine product cold-pressed coconut oil made from copra,commonly used in the food industry. This is generally believed that coconut oil is healthy, because fatty acid is not damaged. Because it is colorless, tasteless, many people like to eat this oil, this oil is a clear liquid such as water, curing is white. Due to high temperatures and chemical substances, without treatment, this oil retains its original composition and has a peculiar smell and taste of coconut.


Hydraulic cocoa oil press machine

Advantages of hydraulic coconut oil press machine
(1) Easy to use,once will be able to completed squeeze oil:
Once pressed, the output is high, the output is high.
(2) can squeeze out better-quality oil:
The configuration of portable continuous refining machine, automatic separation of oil, authentic flavor, fresh and pure;the squeeze oil cake is one piece.
(3) Automatic temperature control:
Hydraulic oil press/mill can automatically adjust the oil temperature and oil temperature, not affected by climate and season, can be used all year round.
(4) low energy consumption.
(5) One complete oil squeeze just need a few minutes.
(6) It is durable using.

Technical parameter of hydraulic coconut oil press machine

Type Pressure(Mpa) Press oil capicity Dadly output(kg) Cake output/time Cake output way Power(KW) Remarks
JTZJ-300 Ordinary-type <=30 <=200 <=4000 10-20 manual 3 According to customer need choose auto NC equipments
Poppet-type <=30 <=200 <=4000 10-20 Hook lift 3
Push-type <=30 <=200 <=4000 10-20 Pushed by oil 3

Process diagram of hydraulic coconut oil press machine production line

 hydraulic coconut oil press machine


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