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Ambatore is rich in fruit, sugar cane, grain and cotton. There are industries such as tanning, fruit canning, textile, wine making, rubber, flour, etc. Ambato is famous for producing blankets. The railway connects Quito in the north and Riobamba in the south; The Pan-American Highway passes through. Ambato is the capital of Tongulava Province, Ecuador, a national economic and tourist city, and the fourth largest developed city in Ecuador. At the same time, it also enjoys the reputation of "the capital of flowers and fruits", "the phoenix of Ecuador", "the international metropolis" and "the back garden of Ecuador".Corn oil press machine Detailed geographical knowledge Jintai has been sorted out: Ambatore has a dry and mild climate with an average temperature of 14 ° C to 19 ° C. The supplier Jintai is located in China, a big eastern country in Asia, bordering the Pacific Ocean, and the China-EU train runs through the country. Jintai has a designated service team for South America customers, which can provide reliable Pressing sesame solutions for Ambato customers!serve Ambato customers, create reassuring Corn oil press machine products, Jintai welcome Ambato friends!

Product innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. Product innovation can change the way consumers use products, improve their practicality, and provide consumers with a better experience. Ambato Corn oil press machine enterprises are at risk of being eliminated by Pressing almond customers if there are no innovative changes in the development and operation of Corn oil press machine products for a long time.

Jintai believes that if you want to complete a good Corn oil press machine upgrade, you must have a considerable understanding of the Pressing almond industry. Only in this way can Corn oil press machine effectively meet the needs of Pressing almond customers and bring the expected results to Pressing almond customers. Jintai has contacted numerous Pressing almond clients at Ambato, conducted in-depth analysis on Pressing almond clients, and has helped many Corn oil press machine clients. It is a good partner for many Pressing almond clients Corn oil press machine!

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AmbatoCorn oil press machine

    We always offer the right solution, even if it's not clear at first,Reminder of product knowledge points for serving the Ambato Pressing sesame industry:
Corn oil press machine is a kind of screw oil press machine, it can press the corn and corn germ. Corn oil extraction rate is about 30%.
Advantages of corn germ oil press machine
1.High oil output rate.
2.Save energy—it can save 40% electronic compared with the same machine offered by other factory.
3.Save both labor and money—it just need 1-2 people to operate the machine.
4.Wide using range—this oil press machine can press various kinds of oil crops, such as peanut, sesame, soybean, flax, rapeseed, oil sunflower, cottonseed.
5.The quality of oil is pure.
6.Workshop area is small.
7.Mechanical and electrical integrates well.
8.High hardness and strength, good abrasion resistance and long using life.
9.Efficient oil producing, easy operating, high automatic.
10.Our corn germ oil press machine can be used in different season and different environment.Hello,Ambato friends.Those who know us understand our commitment to service, candor, and straight-talk. Everything we do is designed to respond to you specifically with regard to your questions, needs, and service.

(South America Squeezing machinery Product long-term partner)Henan international Jintai Enterprise has always provided Ambato Pressing almond users with high-quality and reliable Corn oil press machine services. Jintai will continue to upgrade and improve, providing better Corn oil press machine products to thank Pressing almond for the support of new and old customers in the industry.

Cultivate a powerful international operation team! Thank you very much for your attention to visit the "Jintai website!" and hope the above information is useful to you!Here's to another year of working together!

Create brilliance together!Feedback from Corn oil press machine customer of Ambato
Corn oil press machine customer friends from North America Trinidad and Tobago
The execution of the signed contract is quite in place, Jintai, and it is OK in Pressing sesame industry. The contract signed by
oil press machine customer of North America El Salvador
With rich experience in mechanical manufacturing and strong technical force in Pressing sesame field, I am confident in the strength of the manufacturer, so I have ordered oil press machine equipment under the recommendation of my friend.
Corn oil press machine customer friends from Africa Tanzania
I think I have cooperated with Jintai. I found it on the internet and communicated with you many times by telephone. Corn oil press machine The equipment engineer helped us solve many small problems with the old equipment in the factory. I feel that the enterprise is very enthusiastic!

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