How much of a soybean cold press oil machine?

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soybean cold press oil machine

Currently the most widely used is the soybean cold press oil machine in the oil press industry, but many investors do not understand soybean cold press oil machine, from viewed the video to judgment the quality and production efficiency of the oil press equipment, a lot of the time, customers for various reasons can not go to a company press inspection, some of the equipment will be found on the Internet of information, but not enough to prove the press quality from the video , buyers need to visit the oil press factory, in order to confirm whether the device is of high quality. Customary in other countries except China cold pressed edible vegetable oil, soybean oil is the most people usually eat cooking oil, so the demand on press soybean cold press oil machine have a very large market. Jintai company manufactured the soybean cold press oil machine good quality, long life gearbox gears are steel gear, this gear is more durable, 8--10 years is not easily damaged, are pressing filter machine, is crushing, filtration, temperature control as one of the machines, soybean oil is direct filtration, oil relatively clear and bright, more suitable for oil extraction workshop, a high yield, easy to operate.
soybean cold press oil machine press range: peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, cotton seed, pepper seed, sunflower, corn germ, flax, walnuts, almonds and other oil crops can be squeezed.
The technology is mature oil extraction equipment to occupy a certain market share, Jintai press is our oil extraction industry leader, represents the highest standards of oil extraction levels, low load, wear-resistant parts, energy saving, operating costs low, easy maintenance, mature technology, low maintenance costs, parts versatility, low cost, easy maintenance, quick returns, cost-effective, reliable product quality.
In the new year, we look forward to many more users to create value with customers to forge ahead and build a dream, to build a road to riches.
Tips: When you buy the machine, be sure to personally go to the manufacturer for inspection, in order to press an intuitive understanding of the company's size and strength firsthand look at the quality of press and, more importantly, can be their own standards and requirements Details can be with the manufacturer's instructions for you to buy the most suitable press and preparation.
    Gongyi City, Jintai Machinery Factory is the production of press, small press, screw press, automatic oil, rapeseed oil press, multi-functional oil press, sesame oil press, peanut oil press, etc. series of oil extraction equipment professional production companies.

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