Factors impact the groundnut cold press oil machine oil put

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Groundnut cold press oil machine

Groundnut cold press oil machine is the machine production of peanut oil,with the increasing emphasis on the future quality of edible oil on the market, there have been more peanut oil extraction equipment, has greatly improved from the quality of products, especially in the screw press production, it is we can produce top quality peanut oil.
For spiral oil extraction equipment is a new type of multi-stage press propulsion mode of production adopted, will go through screening, fried peanuts, from the hopper into the pressing chamber, this time rotating pressing screw continuously forward would be to promote the peanut, pressing pressure and pressing screw within the bore extrusion promoted peanut oil, due to the pressing bore is constantly flip, so the peanut oil relatively thorough, and the spiral is produced using a multi-stage manner propulsion, enables the press the process more continuous, higher production efficiency will ensure a higher oil yield.
1, choose peanut raw materials is an important when groundnut cold press oil machine working, "multiple births" peanut shell has a 6-7 peanuts peanut oil yield is relatively high, but the peanut in the market is difficult to buy, the quality of the raw materials directly determines the oil quality and oil yield, be sure to choose when selecting raw full grain structured to ensure that the water content of raw materials, not too high, nor too low, first remove impurities before fry feed ingredients. Peanut general demands to virgin material particle size should be appropriate, consistent virgin materials inside and outside the structure is good, the number of intact cells virgin feed the less the better, bulk density without compromising the internal and external structure of the bigger the better, claim virgin feedstock oil viscosity and lower surface tension as much as possible, pressing the material particles have enough plasticity.
2, the loss of each screw press fitting between the gap between the spiral caused by factors such as too large, is not conducive to increase oil production, usually pay attention to good maintenance, if worn parts must be replaced.
3,groundnut cold press oil machine health problems, before crushing the tubing guide to check for foreign objects, so as not to affect oil yield.
4, the press of time, based on the observation that for a long time, the longer the continuous press time, the higher the efficiency, it should be pressed to try to focus on oil, many people can squeeze uninterrupted rotation, must pay attention to the temperature, in order to avoid peanuts press temperature had higher failure. Try squeezing process to be fast, to prevent loss heat.
5, Groundnut cold press oil machine cake questions ,when making cakes to control the thickness and size, to prevent excessive or too thick.
6, with the increase in moisture content of virgin material, increasing its plasticity, when the water reaches a certain point, best to squeeze out the oil.

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