Where can you find a better cold press oil machine factory?

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Everyone who is going to buy oil expeller machine, want to find a high quality cold press oil machine factory and want to know more and more detailed information. Gongyi Jintai, as a large scale factory of cold oil press machine, can always offer customer our top-class service and try our best to meet all kinds of requirements.
Because the comprehensive utilization,the edible oil now are varied, but they are subject to a variety of using in different sizes. So following the changes in demand, cold oil press machine factory has been continuously improved and enhanced, the model of cold press oil machine has also been a complete series. Which, compared with the old-fashioned, jam, invalid wear and tear, and low yield of these problems have been improved.
No matter what kind of cold oil press machine and what kind of cold oil mill model, they all need to install well. Here we will introduce you how to install an oil extraction machine for your reference.
First, as far as I can see, you need to get familiar with our oil press machine and know the technical parameter of then. 

Type 6YL-60 6YL-70 6YL-80 6YL-100 6YL-120 6YL-150
Screw diameter (mm)  55 65 80 100 120 150
Screw speed (r/min)  52 48 63 43 36 33-42
Power (main frame)(KW)  2.2 3 5.5 7.5 11 15
Vacuum power (KW)  0.55 0.75 0.55 0.75 0.75 4
Heater (KW)  0.9  1.8  3 3.5 4 4.5
Handling capacity (kg/h)  30-60  50-80 80-150 150-250 250-350 300-450
Weight (kg)  220 280 500 850 1300 1950
Size (mm)  1200x780x1100 1400x860x1260 1650x1500x1700 1700x1600x1750 1800x1700x1750 2380x1850x2000

Our factory’s cold press oil machine has five main systems: automatic control system, heating & pressing system, adjusting system, driving system and vacuum refining system. And our installer has a good knowledge of the structure of the oil extractor machine. Then, you need to view the working principle of our oil expeller.  
Before transferring to the main shaft, the power has been reducing. The pressing screw rotarys with the main shaft. And the oil crops in the middle of screw is pressed to oil and then we can get crude oil. The oil flow to the vacuum filter and get refined so we get clear and purity edible oil.
Then, we will discuss the installation of an cold press oil machine factory worker. First of all, make sure that the room is large enough around the oil expeller because the operator need to work around the machine. Second, we need to adjust machine until it is horizontal balance. And then adjust the vacuum filter bucket to horizontal balance. That is really matters a lot. Then is the electrical. As a formal cold press oil machine factory, we can offer you 220v or 380v machine according to your locally custom.
The above are all the important points of oil press machine structure and installation. And if you still have question during you purchasing, you can just contact with us and we, as a cold press oil machine factory, can offer you more information.

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