Where production sesame cold press oil machine in China?

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sesame cold press oil machine

Sesame cold press oil machine is a commonly used machine in our common life, people to buy sesame oil press most difficult thing is not knowing sesame cold press oil machine  performance and structure, now Jintai company help you understand the structure and performance under the sesame cold oil press machine. Sesame oil press virgin bore using CR12 mold steel, sesame oil press three-stage crushing process and electronic temperature control system, automatic press controls the press temperature and moisture, making direct oil to soften fat molecules activate, press stability, again pressing the net, oil yield increased substantially.
Sesame cold press oil machine working quickly and easily with fine oil filter vacuum system, automatic filtration refining, oil pure, convenient and practical, production, comprehensive microbes, pure clear oil. When the sesame cold press oil machine start working, the cylinder piston rising speed should be appropriate,should pay attention to ease the pressure evenly to prevent excessive flow of slag and crooked stack. In addition, the pressure must be continued, without interruption, until the cake stack height were beginning oil so far. Then, it should be based on "soft reduction ground pressure" operation requests, adhere to the oil flow constantly, until the press is completed. When the pressing operation, should also pay attention to the cylinder piston rises no higher than a predetermined position, that can not exceed the maximum stroke of the cylinder piston to prevent the piston off the cylinder and cause an accident. All oil extraction process should do the tour operator review. In case when there are serious crooked stack phenomenon, should be timely whole stack; if the invention gauge malfunction or damage should be repaired or replacement; If you encounter a safety valve failure, should promptly identify the cause and eliminate. Nice same cold oil press machine table using the latest materials from electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, resistance to greasy, high temperature. Not only beautiful, but also easy to clean, stable performance, ensure that the equipment can be long-term continuous operation, durable.
Our sesame cold oil press equipment are the daily progress, we all like such a good oil press, because it is good quality, only the best quality is our key to win the market share of the market, our press equipment has been used most good material, we press the oil is high, the material is good, in the daily progress, are adhering to our best, we do this every day for their own intentions and dedication and persistence, because we believe that only good quality, because we care about good quality, if you need to sesame coil oil press machine,please come Jintai conpany.

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