The best sunflower cold press oil machine of China

Author: Modified date:2016-3-24 8:46:03

sunflower cold press oil machine

Jintai company product variety of oil press machine for customers to choose, customers can according to their actual production capital budget and to choose the most suitable equipment. Screw sunflower cold press oil machine is now more desirable a press sunflower oil extraction equipment, our equipment warranty for one year, and the purchase of our equipment we will send professional and technical personnel on-site installation services, if the customer oil special machine equipment requirements can suggest with our technical staff, we will provide the most customized fit customer's mind screw sunflower cold press oil machine equipment. Jintai company started research and development of screw sunflower cold press oil machine time, with the continuous development of the market, has produced 60 type, 80 type, 120, 150, 200 and so on, and power output sizes to meet different users demand, once launched, immediately recognized by many users.
In the current rapid development of the national economy, an increasingly competitive market situation, we will continue to improve sunflower cold press oil machine product quality, strengthen management on improving the process parameters on the product, the real can do to ensure that every product on the quality of your pass. We believe that: only turn our gaze to the entire community, it is to be successful; only to focus all efforts dedicated to the market, to be able to obtain customer satisfaction and support. Look back at the past, we are proud of is: to provide satisfactory products on the market; Looking ahead, we are the future of products and the future with confidence and strength and determination to live up to expectations, continue to maintain and carry forward the spirit of hard work, perseverance to scale new heights of development.
2016 into the beginning of the screw sunflower cold press oil machine equipment has entered a good year, we engaged Jintai mechanical screw press production has been nearly 20 years, our company every year will be the best quality sunflower cold press oil machine to produce, to give customers the best screw sunflower cold press oil machine, where we are faced with so many more customers for quality and technical screw press equipment is also getting higher and higher, skilled production technology is getting higher and higher, Jintai screw press equipment are increasingly subject to international customers by the welcome and trust.
Our company in the production of screw sunflower cold press oil machine in the press good harvest every year, we will produce the most advanced screw press equipment, this year we also produced the most technologically advanced spiral pressing oil machine, screw sunflower cold press oil machine for this new equipment, we can be described under the foot work, from the end of last year we Hengtong press started to develop R & D personnel, in order to make this new screw press production crushing out to achieve the best results, get more customers welcome and trust, our R & D staff is around the clock every day, it developed a new type of screw press in early 2016, we invited the best the screw sunflower cold press oil machine production technology, our technical staff also make every effort to produce the best screw press, which after several months of efforts, our latest model of this screw press equipment is now successfully completed .

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