How to judge a spiral cold press oil machine’s quality

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spiral cold press oil machine


A benefit that is spiral cold press oil machine is small and easy to place, whether it is placed in the factory or among some of the rooms which are more convenient, the benefits of the second is the oil yield is high, the cost is relatively low, for our life it is very good, the third benefits is the raw material can be chosen, very safe and secure.
First, listen to the noise of the work inside the motor the size of the key is the quality of sound is generally small point, the motor is running well. The decision of the Working noise level is the focus of production quality interior of the motor, the motor inside the copper coil thicker, the greater the power. Better cooling of the motor, a small press itself more easily control the shaking and noise in the lower range.
Second, we see oil rates. Small spiral cold press oil machine oil yield is a primary indicator of the performance of the machine. Because there is generally around 5% of the oil is squeezed out of the physical means can not. Such as peanut oil content of 44-48%, the rate of small oil press equipment in the 33% -40% is reasonable.
Third, look at whether the solid materials work or not. The case of spiral cold press oil machine interior fittings we can not see, through the appearance of the device materials work to about 12. Spiral cold press oil machine in particular housing rear vents and process around fasteners whether solid burr-like material thickness thermal windows, etc. can not be too thin.
Fourth, to see whether the operation if properly designed using a cleaning easy.
Fifth, look at the brand and service whether formal perfection. Select the more well known small press equipment brands have a better after-sales and maintenance services. Such as equipment and operating problems timely communication to solve.
It should remind everyone that the spiral cold press oil machine is already a mature product, so many brands on the market can be for your choice, the same production process as well as the principle model of the device are basically the same, difference is that the quality of manufacturers, the best choice should be choose relatively long history spiral cold press oil machine manufacturers, because their technology is relatively mature and stable, they have relatively high number of quality assurance. There is need to pay attention to ask the individual components and wearing parts of equipment to facilitate your future replacement.

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