Jintai offers you the lowest cold press oil machine price

Author: Modified date:2016-3-23 8:52:20

We Jintai product automatic oil press, screw oil press, rapeseed oil press, peanut oil press, soybean oil press, sesame oil press , small press, press accessories, centrifugal oil filter machines, vacuum oil filter , oil filter small , multi-function oil filter, oil press equipment , oil filter device and our models are variety.
Our cold oil extractor machine has a wide market. Our advantages are: semi- automatic oil production lines , innovative design , reliable performance, easy to operate, highly favored customers , selling products and exports of Mali, West Africa and other countries, into the international market. And now, as a big factory, we can offer you our lowest cold oil press machine price for you!
Our cold oil press equipment have two kinds, one is a two-phase power, one is a three-phase, two-phase electrical voltage applied in 220V, three-phase voltage applied in 380V, two-phase electric press equipment output per hour can meet customer’s requirements, and the price is including vacuum filtration, cookware. the market price of cold oil press machine is about one thousand dollars, excluding freight, three-phase power production in the press about 200 pounds per hour, including the press, oil filter machine, and we can install for free on site, market prices of this cold expeller oil making machine are around ten thousand sixty-seven, two-phase flow of oil press fit, is not suitable for large area processing, small size, light weight machine, easy to go to the market and car, Three-phase electric press for open oil mill and processing, a pressing machine, convenient and quick, and can simultaneously press a variety of materials, the effect is obvious.
This is basically a small type cold oil press machine price, only can be a reference for the new and old customers to buy small type extractor oil press machine, and here, we welcome to come here and visit our factory by yourself before purchasing. We will use the best quality machine to meet customer’s satisfaction.
When buying a cold oil extraction machine, price is not first thing, but quality matters a lot. Gongyi Jintai machinery can offer you our best quality oil expeller machine for all of you and can design a special expeller machine for special customer’s needs. We can offer you our best price of oil press machine no matter hot press type or cold press machine. You can believe in our quality and we offer you 24 months warranty.

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