Edible cold press oil machine is the most popular oil press in 2016

Author: Modified date:2016-3-23 8:49:57

Edible cold press oil machine is now very popular in the press industry, people are aware of our lives eating edible oil may be squeezed by hot oil press technology available, can also be obtained by cold pressing of the oil press method . Hot oil pressing technique were very popular and widespread in the decades ago, but with the development of society, people's eating habits gradually changed, people in the pursuit of harmony between man and nature in the process, slowly appreciate natural wonders, in the enjoyment of natural resources, and more willing to retain the natural flavor of the original, so cold pressed oil extraction technology is more people like it.
Edible cold press oil machine material is not heated to high temperatures, direct peanut, soybean, sesame oil press was carried into the press, there is no high temperature will not damage the trace elements of raw materials, will not cause the loss of nutrients, so press squeeze out vegetable oil crops to retain the natural flavor and color, although cold-pressed extra virgin oil obtained without thermal methods of oil scent large, but cold-pressed vegetable oils obtained by the method will not let people physical discomfort after eating.
Usually cold pressed oil extraction will be processed at temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius environment, so basically completely preserved plant nutrition. In the press industry, whether it is screw press or hydraulic press, we can use technology to produce cold-pressed oil. But if the hydraulic press and screw press put them together, hydraulic press market is now more popular press, because hydraulic press can maximize oil yield plants.
Oil press machine manufacturer continuous improvement the oil extraction structure , not only to improve the oil yield of the crops, oil press machine also have diversified energy transformation. For example, the most obvious of which is now the oil extraction can not only use electricity, but also coal, can also use liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas can also be used. Press after the transformation, you can use for people around the world, in countries and regions without electricity, people can use the press to use coal as a power; in developed countries, in order to protect the environment, people will be more willing and electricity natural gas to drive the press operation.Therefore, the continuous improvement of oil press machine, can enrich the people dinner table oil around the world , whether it is hot oil pressing technology to produce oil or cold-pressed technology to produce edible oil, we are able to meet people's different dietary needs. So it would appear, the promotion of oil extraction and application of technology is a very beneficial thing of people's lives.
Edible cold press oil machine representative of the people's attitude to life, this EATER times, people gradually experience the true meaning of life.

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