Why choose rapeseed cold press oil machine with stainless steel?

Author: Modified date:2016-3-23 8:48:31

Now this kind of rapeseed cold press oil machine get relatively good feedback in market, because this kind of small equipment indeed has brought great security and convenience in our daily lives. Many people usually meet these factors when they choose the rapeseed cold oil press machine, one factor is it’s price,one is the quality and the last one is it's effect. For cold press oil machine's useage, most people know that they usually choose stainless steel models, for the general style, stainless steel models has which kind of superority?
   For the rapeseed cold press oil machine 's practicality, we all know that oil extraction is relatively time-consuming and waste material, if this kind of situation via a long-term in relatively high temperature fried which the material need to be pressed, in fact, we have this machine the loss caused by the material itself, if this time we can not guarantee a certain hardness and abrasion resistance, then it is likely to make the life of the machine greatly reduced, so that the first benefit of using oil press it is so, because the material itself, the ability to use such an advantage is still quite good.
  For the rapeseed cold press oil machine 's useage, these is a kind of cold press oil machine, which belongs to pure manual press, it is rocker-style operation,this kind of cold press oil machinery that not only is quite labor intensive, but very laborious, oil yield is quite low. So in the case of all stainless steel, since the energy of this kind of cold oil press machine work is relatively large, it's powerful is enough, in such a case it's force will certainly be much better than that of non stainless steel,so for consumers, it is naturally more willing to choose this kind of material.
For spiral rapeseed cold press oil machine is a new type of multi-stage press propulsion mode of production adopted, the raw material will go through screening, frying rapeseed, from the hopper into the pressing chamber, this time rotating screw pressing rapeseed will continue to go forward, pressing pressure and pressing screw within the bore squeezed out of oil contributed to oil crops, since the virgin bore is constantly flip, so the oil relatively thorough, and the spiral is produced using a multi-stage manner propulsion, It enables the squeezing process more continuous, higher production efficiency will ensure a higher oil yield.

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