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corn germ oil press machine

We eat corn oil as a kind of cooking oil every day. And we all know that the corn oil contents some bad factors such as unsaturated fatty acid. But now, I will tell you, that we Gongyi Jintai after a technical update of our corn germ oil press machine, we now can press corn germ and get corn oil and this oil has been refined and the contents of unsaturated fatty acid has reduced a lot.
As we all know, the corn oil has a lot of unsaturated fatty acid and, the unsaturated fatty acid is named “time bomb at the dinner table” by most people. So the corn oil got from corm germ oil press machine is in fact dangerous if we eat them directly. And the unsaturated fatty acid contents in many kinds of vegetable oil. Maybe many people can not understand the dangerous of unsaturated fatty acid because we can not actually see it. But in our daily life, we can find unsaturated fatty acid in many foods, such as cake, pizza, popcorn and so on. And the content of trans fatty acid of vegetable oil is 14.2%-34.3% while the cake is 37%. So the technical update of our corn germ oil press machine is quite important thing in the history of oil pressing machine.
So why we say the trans fatty acid is dangerous?
If you always eat cake or popcorn, then just say byebye with them! If you long time eating the foods with trans fatty acid, then you maybe have a increasing of cholesterol, and the heart will be working with a huge pressure.
But our corn germ oil press machine can work out the corn oil more healthy and suitable for human beings. And the corn oil content more vitamin A, D and E. No matter you want an older grandma or a child to eat corn oil as a cooking oil everyday, they will find it pretty nice for health.
So how to make corn oil with our new designed corn germ oil press machine?
First, corn oil is also called corn germ oil. Because when we press corn oil, we generally make it crushed and became to corn germ. The corn kernel is based of corn germ. Then we can press corn germ with the screw type corn oil press machine made by Gongyi Jintai manufacturing company. This kind of oil press machine, can not only press corn germ, but also many seeds and nuts of vegetables, such as soybean, sesame seed, sunflower seeds, palm kernel, cotton seeds, and so on. And we can get crude corn oil from the corn oil press machine, then we need to put the crude oil into the oil refining machine, during the refining part, the trans fatty acid will be removed and the corn oil become more healthy.

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