hot oil press and cold pressing process which better?

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hot oil press



In our daily life consumption of vegetable oils are mostly hot oil, namely before the oil first oil after being selected, crushed by heating, the internal fuel produced a series of changes: the destruction of the fuel cell, promote the protein denaturation, reducing the viscosity of oil and other, then hot oil press to oppress and exploit the oil and the oil yield is improved by.
Advantages of hot oil press is the seed of oil plant roasted after extract, odor smell, darker color, high yield. There is less residue in the product, easy to save. Cold pressed seeds do not stir baked, so the smell is poor, but the color is good. Two squeezing methods are not solvent residue. hot oil press process: hot state steam frying, with skin pressing process of the production of oil. First to the raw material into the pot, stir, and then after oil extraction machine for oil, such technological advantages is incense oil out of the oil rate and lower the remaining residual oil.
Disadvantages of hot oil press

The color of hot oil press crude oil treated by high temperature oil from deep, partial acid value increases, so the gross oil must be refined before consumption. At the same time, high temperature oil make oil of bioactive substances (vitamin E, sterols, carrot, etc) in the pressing process, a great loss, resulting in a waste of resources.
hot oil press and cold pressing process which better?

hot oil press is the oil after frying pan and fry and squeeze, cooked oil oil pure flavor, delicious, especially the peanuts, sesame, which is rich in oil of Shannon is. The disadvantage is that in the process of not dealing with the time when the bottom of the pot of fried things will be from the sludge, but after a simple centrifugal oil filter can solve this problem. Cold pressing oil because the output is small, the production efficiency is low, the general use of press in the high-end boutique market oil, such as: linseed oil, walnut oil, almond oil, boutique juicing and need to does not destroy the nutritional content of oil. hot oil press process is suitable for civilian mass production of edible oil, while oil as cold oil, but after filtration to remove the miscellaneous can solve this problem. So users should choose different process according to their own consumer groups.

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