which model of peanut oil making machine is the best seller?

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peanut oil making machine


Pressed peanut oil the most important is the degree of automation to high, the best choice for all peanut oil making machine and so on the expected oil from just one person operation, the remaining links are accomplished by the automatic operation of the machine, saves manpower and can improve oil efficiency. Secondly to choose large and medium-sized peanut oil making machine, pressed peanut oil for the upcoming season, at the appointed time have many customers with peanut oil, choose types of pressing the faster, oil better. Choose 120 peanut oil making machine the most appropriate, this type of machine per hour can be pressed 500 kilograms of peanuts, can satisfy the demand for their oil, do not let the customers at the same time also does not reduce the quality of peanut oil. Can put peanut cake sold to feed company used as animal feed ingredients, feed ingredients to be used for the must requirements of peanut flake structure, so easily broken and easy to use, the material presented sheet press only screw press the, pressed peanut oil selection spiral oil press machine to extract the ideal peanut dregs, to slag cake arrived to do processing fees has also been welcomed by many users, pressed peanut oil don't need pay the processing fee, the cake to squeeze you Fang can, this way nature has many customers to our oil square oil.
Peanut oil making machine pressed peanut oil when the oil yield is affected by multiple factors, the peanut oil press performance factors can do not have to consider, now a high level of industrial manufacturing, production process is very mature, so there is no doubt that the mechanical properties can achieve best, important is peanut quality, we know that the shelling is required before the peanut oil, after peel contains a lot of peanut shell and harvest entrainment leaves, straw, clod and other impurities, these impurities should be seriously affected peanut oil yield and quality. So in many pressing you will be equipped with a vibration screening machine for peanut screening, secondly is the ideal we think peanut oil yield up to 45%, but sometimes it is often because of peanut full of and eventually oil rate is only 42% or less, peanuts on the effect of the oil also cannot be ignored. The last factor is the operation of the press of the human factors, if who are skilled in the operation of peanut oil press, on the understanding of the material under the premise of the process speed and can quickly will drop one hundred catties pressed peanut, and peanut residue in the residual oil rate will be lower than 7%, but for the novice operation is more difficult, not a good grasp of the feeding speed, it is easy to make oil press cake is not clean, the final result is peanut oil cake residual oil rate above 8%, far lower than expected 45 pounds, out caused by a variety of factors influence, pressing a hundred pounds of peanuts out of the oil is 40 pounds.

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