The introduction of pareseed oil pressing machine production line

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pareseed oil pressing machine

Rapeseed oil pressing machine production line is divided into small press production line, medium-sized and large press press production line production line.
rapeseed oil pressing machine production line machinery and equipment commonly used:
Screening: Screening of crops and stones and other foreign matter impurities, in order to achieve the purpose of improving production.
Wok: As the hot pressing equipment necessary, can be steamed speculation was, after the crop fry in the press, can improve the oil yield.
Feeder: two vacuum suction machine, screw feeder, feeding on Three on the vertical.
Press: is divided into two kinds of screw press and a hydraulic press.
Filling machine: The filling can be sold or consumed.
Filtration equipment: divided into two types, one is the oil filter, the filter is common, is relatively safe and healthy, can be used directly, can not enter the supermarket, the price is cheaper, very suitable for the use of oil pressing Square. There is also a refining equipment, you can skim, deacidification, deodorization. This filtered oil can enter the supermarket, you can meet the national standard two oils. However, relative to the price is still very high. Customers rarely buy on the market.
Press: This refers to a hydraulic press, mainly used for crushing sesame seeds and peanuts, but peanuts before the press must be broken, and almost the size of sesame seeds. Vacuum filtration (can be coarsely filtered oil scum) - centrifugal oil filter (oil phospholipids, etc. from) - filling machine (after filling can be sold or consumed).
Broiling press machine → → centrifugal oil filter
A small press production line:
Small oil press oil extraction and processing production line process is relatively simple and convenient way, a small oil press oil extraction production line equipment is needed: Broiling machine, oil press, oil filter.
Small oil press production line:
Wok - press - filtration equipment
Second, the medium-sized press production line:
Medium press production line required equipment is relatively complete,
Screening - Wok - eliminate smoke - feeder - press - filtration equipment
Third, the large .rapeseed oil pressing machine production line
Large-scale press production line: Oil - Shelling (visible oil decision) - transport - frying (visual pressing process) delivery ---- press (depending on the type of oil press process decision) - Filter - fine filter - finished hot-pressed oil extraction production line equipment configuration: husking machines, conveyors, frying pan, feeding machine, hot pressing screw press, vacuum filtration, centrifugal oil filter, filling machine cold pressed oil extraction production line equipment configuration: shelling machine, feeding machine, cold-pressed screw press, vacuum filtration, centrifugal oil filter, oil extraction production line filling machines are generally designed based on user productivity and pressing process, press different production lines, oil extraction equipment configuration is different, and different oil extraction equipment.

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