Why canola oil press different from other oil press?

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canola oil press


canola oil press is mainly used for processing individual home oil press. canola oil press belongs to a spiral oil press, yield little, but simple and convenient. canola oil press is the main export products, cold-pressed canola oil press, relatively inexpensive, but the oil yield is not high, hot pressing canola oil press by vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function is good, the quality of oil out of the product, the taste of incense, the oil rate is still high. Now mainly in rural areas do processing, or do live in urban areas of processing, so it looks to produce more transparent, so that customers with more confidence, the conduct of the business of great benefit. Many regions are now operating according to this model, profits are quite lucrative.
Almost all oil crops able to squeeze through canola oil press. Including peanut, soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, and so on.
2.canola oil press squeeze method: cold pressed rapeseed points or hot pressing, in order to improve the oil yield and oil quality, generally heat pressing based.
The process is as follows:
Cold-pressed: Screening, flaking, squeezing
Hot pressing: Screening, rolling embryo, steaming and stir frying, squeezing
Cold-pressed: first rapeseed filter to the complex, and then check the moisture content of rapeseed, the absence of inspection equipment can be provided indigenous check: rapeseed with nails will look crowded, if sound, and is divided into two, or oil extrusion is most appropriate, if it is too dry to a powder, into the cake if it is too wet. If it is too dry to increase 2.5-3% water, fried until brown seeds reached, the most appropriate temperature of 110-120 degrees before pressing into .
canola oil press features:
canola oil press mainly by electrical control, automatic heating, adjust the transmission and vacuum oil filter and other components. Pressing bolts alloy steel carburized enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; row by pressing surface grinder grinding, oil lines to ensure accuracy, improve the oil yield; distribution, vacuum, automatic heating and other standard components, the choice of well-known brand, optimize the machine configuration; surface of the machine made of stainless steel and chrome plated.
Rapeseed oil press advantages:
Two advantages: the preparation of high, electrical appliances complete.
Three advantages: vacuum filtration, pure oil.
Four advantages: high oil yield.
Five advantages: versatile, can be pressed peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower and other oil crops two dozen.

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