How does a soybean oil pressing machine work?

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soybean oil pressing machine

It is well known that soybean oil is a kind of vegetable oil and can be used as a kind of edible cooking oil. And soybean oil is extracted from the seeds of soybean by soybean oil pressing machine. In our daily life, we always use soybean oil when we cook. And soybean oil pressing machine is a necessary part when we extract soybean oil from soybean. Nowadays, soybean oil as a common additional, we use a lot of soybean oil per year. And many area can produce soybean, like the east-north area in China and so on. The soybean can be made full use when it is pressed to oil. We can eat soybean oil and the soybean cake can be used as a kind of fertilizer to make the soybean or some crops group up better.
Then how does a soybean oil pressing machine work? How soybean become to soybean oil?
If you directly put the soybean into a soybean oil pressing machine, you can get crude soybean oil without doubt. But that crude oil you get, looks not so good, and the color is not clear. Then how to get a clear oil with this soybean oil pressing machine?
The best way of pressing soybean with soybean oil pressing machine is as following:
1.We need to use a roaster machine to roast soybean. The temperature need to be 120-130℃. This is a necessary step of pressing soybean. This step can make sure that we get most part oil when press the same quantity soybean. Because of this step, this soybean oil pressing method is called hot pressed soybean oil pressing way.
2.Then we can elevate the roasted soybean into the feeder part of the soybean oil pressing machine and turn on the button of power. Then we can get crude soybean oil with in a few minutes.
3.After the crude oil come out, it can directly fall into the vacuum type oil refining machine. This oil refining machine as the last part of pressing soybean oil, can refine the crude soybean oil and get clear soybean oil. This clear oil we get can eat and cook meal as a final edible cooking oil.
So we can get some features of our soybean oil pressing machine:
1.This machine is very easy to operate, install and commission. We can teach you for free.
2.This soybean oil pressing machine can not only press soybean, but also sesame seeds, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, groundnut, cotton seeds, palm, flax, olive and so on.
3.The price of this machine is very cheap. You can spend few money to get and begin a business.


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