Do you know the dentification method of sesame oil making machine?

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sesame oil making machine


New sesame oil making machine, press three, again pressed the net, the oil rate.
1.sesame oil making machine, use of a mold pressing screw steel materials Seiko production, quality and reliable
I press all electrical plant adopts the international brand of West Germany Electric motor manufacturers use of national copper core motor, transmission gears thermal forged parts, pressing bolts using cr12 steel abrasive materials, quality assurance.
2.sesame oil making machine centrifugal filter oil filter
Centrifugal oil filter is a centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of the drum so that the oil separated from the slag and to achieve liquid-solid separation. When the drum when the drum stops rotating absolutes from slipping out, reached filtering purposes, the oil clean, the experiment was done on the fire, not foam, does not overflow the pot.
3.sesame oil making machine multi-stage press, the oil is high
Press multi-level press, increasing the pressure point, multi-level to promote and strengthen the degree of crushing of raw materials, improve the oil yield, accelerate productivity.
4.sesame oil making machine electronic temperature control, easy to operate
Press equipped with a unique electronic temperature control system, infrared heating synchronization of different oil crops, can be automatically different heating, press increase the speed and fuel oil yield.
5.sesame oil making machine virgin bore transformation, designed
Traditional virgin bore inner tank design is unreasonable, resulting in incomplete oil outflow, many have been wasted. I plant press for pressing bore reinvented, unique groove design, easier oil outflow from the hardware to further improve the oil yield. Press using centrifugal filtration system device, to achieve a true sense of the virgin filter integration, improve the automation of press, completely solve the problem of oil purification.
6.sesame oil making machine-around press, a machine
Press can be pressed peanut, rapeseed, sesame, soybean, cottonseed, sunflower, flax, seed, tung nuts, seeds and chili pepper seeds, corn germ and other oil seeds, versatile multi-purpose, oil experts.
7.sesame oil making machine production capacity, efficient operation
Press to adjust the feed system, made creative technological innovation on the screw, the feed significantly faster production volume increased significantly.
Identification method of sesame oil
   Bianse method: pure red or orange-red sesame oil, sesame oil, sesame oil pressing machine lighter than the color of a small mill, sesame oil, rapeseed oil is incorporated deep yellow color, cottonseed oil is incorporated into the color magenta.
   Water test method: a drop of sesame oil with chopsticks dipped in cold water dripping calm surface of pure sesame oil will be showing a colorless and transparent thin large oil slick. Adulterated sesame oil small oil slick and thick and difficult to spread.
   Sniffing Method: sesame oil flavor mellow, rich, unique, braced as peanut oil, soybean oil, refined oil, rapeseed oil, etc. are not only poor flavor, and there will be peanuts, beans and other fishy odor.

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