Preparatory work before start soybean oil pressing machine

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soybean oil pressing machine

The preparatory before start the soybean oil pressing machine, how to make press equipment more long-term for people use, not only to maintain the device in accordance with the requirements, but also should be used in accordance with the standard method of operation in everyday use, in standard production, whether precautions when buying equipment, including production, pre-production, production and subsequent maintenance of equipment, there are certain requirements, and today we want to say before starting to prepare the equipment.
First, before the soybean oil pressing machine boot, first gear box oil filling 10kg, then if you use the cake is very dry, you should add the right amount of water, even in the water mix, then fed to the virgin bore, bore polishing the pressing and start feeding, dry cake should slow down, not too fast, wait until after the material properly, can be an appropriate increase in the amount of feed, dry cake when repeated use of water will be reduced, this time we should be appropriate to add water if it is dry cake feed too fast, too dry, will cause a sudden increase in pressure within the chamber virgin, virgin bore causing blockage, causing the machine malfunction, the device will slow down the speed of normal production .
Soybean oil pressing machine pressing temperature within a suitable bore, the whole process will be conducive to the press in the press before it is supposed to try to raise the temperature of virgin bore, the main method to apply sizzling parison, or mixed with water heating uniform dry cake, slow feed mill repeatedly, until the temperature rise in the future, you can normally press, this method is known as hydraulic oil, now relatively rare, is now commonly used spiral oil, the former is not only the oil is low, a small stand-alone capability, more equipment and also take a place, workshop needs insulation, and demanding operating conditions, which led to hydraulic has gradually been replaced, and replaced with new oil extraction the way.
Our manufacturers of soybean oil pressing machine fair and reasonable, despite the most advanced technology, but have a good position in the market in recent years in the industry gradually bigger, good quality and low prices of our equipment, access to customers of all ages.
Soybean oil pressing machine after the first use of oil extraction, as in the daily life of the most common soybean, its deep-processed products, tofu, soy oil is the most common, usually soybean oil content of about 25%, a rate of over 300% tofu according to this argument, the first carried out if the first soybean oil, soybean oil and then pressed over the tofu, tofu and then finally to feed livestock, so that you can be in the soybean value and benefits based on the original increase two or three times, but also fully in line with national rational use of resources in this case.

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