Do you need a copra oil pressing machine?

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copra oil pressing machine

You may don’t know you are urgently need a copra oil pressing machine to get copra oil. You may think our copra oil pressing machine is just for the rich but now we can offer you our copra oil pressing machine with factory price and I think for many people, it is a good news. So if you are in the market of copra oil pressing machine, then just catch the chance. Now I can offer you some knowledge of copra oil pressing machine.
First of all, you need to know that the coconut can be handle both cold press and hot press. That means, you can get copra oil extracted by dry or wet pressing. If you want to get copra oil by dry pressing, then you need to first let the coconut meat be extracted from the shell of the coconut. And then you need to use fire or sunlight or some other way to move the moisture of the coconut. Then the coconut become to copra. And in the same time, you need to break the coconut into pieces. Then, we can use our copra oil pressing machine to handle with the copra and to get the copra oil.
In fact, the preparation process is really matters a lot. And after the preparation process, we just need to deliver the copra to the copra oil pressing machine. Then turn on the power button, then you can get refined copra oil because our copra oil pressing machine can refine the crude oil by vacuum type oil refining machine.
Our copra oil pressing machine is a screw type oil press machine and the copra is screwed into oil and the effects are pretty well. This machine can not only press copra, but also other vegetable seeds and nut, such as rape seeds, sunflower seeds, groundnut, rubber seeds, soybean, sesame seeds, palm kernel and so on. So it is also a multi-functional oil pressing machine.
And how do our oil press machine work? First, the seeds or nuts are placed into the elevator by lobar or screw conveyor and by the motor the seeds or nuts are send to the feeder part of the copra oil pressing machine. The machine is screw-driven and the seeds or nuts are pressed and extracted into oil. Then the crude oil fall into the vacuum type oil refining machine, after the refining part, we can get edible copra oil.
As far as we can see, in the future, the copra oil pressing machine will be a hot product and more people use copra oil in the daily life, and you may not realized that in fact, you need a copra oil pressing machine already.

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