Auto oil press hot sell in town market

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Auto oil press choose advanced is not only small footprint, high efficiency, sophisticated material, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, easy to operate, labor saving, etc., but also with automatic temperature control, virgin net, the oil yield is high, vacuum filtration, high production efficiency special advantages.
This kind of oil press machine can press sesame, peanut, rapeseed, seed, soybean, sunflower, flax, cottonseed, corn, walnut oil and other 20 kinds of oil were processed. Three level squeezing,vacuum filtration, safety and health, the oil can be directly consumed or bottled for sale.

Automatic oil press220v as canola flower bloom usher in the season, but also a year of the arrival of spring, ushered in many parts of the large area of canola flower in full bloom, especially in the western region as the most important supplier of oil is concerned, Guizhou more so, in the years of good development scenario, the formation of its present size, which formed Guizhou canola flower opening attracted a small oil development of the situation.
Although in the Guizhou region, said there are more talented, but the whole of the industrial process systems or to lag behind other regions, and in the processing of vegetable oil is for relatively low-level stage, but has a long history of planting canola area Guizhou is concerned, technology is very backward ride, but it is true that small oil pressing Square after emerging from the 70s of last century, the commercial nature of the business, advanced technology here is not well developed, especially in the application of automated equipment in this area it is almost empty, but this is no way to do.
Wheather it is from the purchase of raw materials, planting, harvesting or in the processing, they are behind the country, but with the development and use of information, in this mountainous area located occlusion also has made significant changes in urbanization relatively fast development area began specializing in press production and sale of small processing Square, in health or in quality to achieve a certain standard in rural some areas also use the most advanced compact automated equipment, it can be said It has been the rapid development, but in general, or other areas and there is a gap.

Cold-pressed: Rape - clean up - press - Filter - refined rapeseed oil;
Instructions: cold-pressed rapeseed need clean up the impurities first, cold-pressed rapeseed moisture will directly affect the efficiency of the oil, it is judged that the wet fuel is critical, the moisture generaly control in 5-8%.
Jintai new spiral peanut oil press machine can be used for mustard seed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, tung seed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax, perilla, mountain tea seed and other oil crops.


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