How Much Peanut Oil Can Be Squeezed Out By The Peanut Oil Press

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Recently, I have constantly seen some customers asking questions about "how to increase the oil yield of peanuts"? "How many peanuts can make oil?" And so on, what are the factors that affect the yield of peanut oil? Now I will do a simple analysis for you. First of all, peanut raw materials must be absolutely dry and selected. Peanuts should be dried and miscellaneous before squeezing. Many users will ignore this essential pretreatment process. As we all know, peanut oil not only will greatly reduce the oil yield but also accelerate the wear of the machine. Zhengzhou Penguin grain and oil machinery is specially designed for peanut shelling machine, and vibration cleaning screen, which has greatly solved this problem. Secondly: the quality of peanut press is also crucial to peanut oil yield. Speaking from the oil press itself, it mainly depends on the pressure of the press and the temperature of the screw. The 6YL series press of penguin grain and oil machinery adopts infrared heating and micro electric control system, making peanut squeezing less difficult. Again: the rate of oil residue in the cake is too high. Friends who work in oil extraction know that if the cake is too thick and the oil content in the cake is too high, it will directly reduce the oil yield of peanuts. How to control residual oil and cake thickness in cakes has become a concern for many processors. Penguin grain and oil machinery from the customer point of view, actively improve the new variety of research and development, the 6YL series of peanut press can not only control the cake thickness between 0.8 - 2mm, but also the residual oil rate control in the less than 4%, in the industry in the top. It can be seen that as long as the usual use of oil press in the process of paying more attention to some tips, increase the yield of peanut oil.

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