Price difference factors of oil press machine

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Oil Press Machine Price Factors

If you plan to have an oil plant, you must know much of information about oil press. Maybe you have a problem about the relation between price and capacity. Now I will explain this question for you.
Why the prices of screw oil press is similar, but the capacity is very different? The price is equal, but there are 3T/D and 6T/D, and even more large capacity, why?

The first reason, the material quality is different, and that will cause the price difference, that’s true. So, if the price is similar, but the capacity is different, may be the material quality of large capacity oil expeller is not very good.
There are automatic screw oil press and traditional screw oil mill in the market. Compare automatic screw oil press and traditional screw oil expeller, the feature of automatic screw oil press is high degree of mechanization and automation, labor-saving, high working efficiency, and also the price is higher than traditional screw oil mill.

Maybe there is other reason in order to cater to the psychology of users. Some manufacturers and dealers make a false report about capacity and performance. The truth is the capacity of oil press whose press distance(the distance from feed to outlet) is within 50cm is not more than 400kg/h, and whose press distance is within 55cm is not more than 500kg/h.

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