Peanut oil press equipment -- what unique advantages

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peanut oil press equipment

Press equipment is one of the ten major brands of peanut oil press, peanut press is the leader in the First Press equipment. Because Chinese is peanut power, so the investment of peanut oil press a lot of customers.
1. Environmental Protection: ordinary press machine, rolling after pressing with other raw material oil, and big noise. This machine adopts direct filtration without oil, low noise, do not add any chemical raw materials, production process, in accordance with the standards of green food.
2. High efficiency and energy saving "ordinary oil press fifty kilograms of raw materials for processing power of 13 kilowatts motor for 1 hours, the machine fifty kilograms of raw materials, equipped with a 3 kW motor power consumption is only 5 minutes, to improve the efficiency of several times, save electricity above 90%.
3. Multiple use: ordinary oil press material rolling after pressing, only as a by-product of animal feed, the machine after processing, such as per hundred pounds of peanuts from 28 - 35 kg of oil, peanuts can also recover processed into high protein, low fat and green food, such as processing spicy peanuts, peanut butter, peanut tofu, peanut sugar, peanut and other food grains. Peanut products of high value-added. No loss: ordinary oil press with spiral extrusion, high temperature, oil nutrients decreased, the loss of raw materials 6%, the machine adopts physical crushing, without heating, no loss, the oil rate is adjustable, and can be compared to the United States famous brand products.
Peanut oil extraction machine is very popular for small business, or for the beginner of oil extraction work. The machine itself is also not big, you may find a video in the above link. The output oil is filtered oil, edible oil. Basically it is a screw oil extraction machine, and with a vacuum filter inside. Many kinds of oil seed works good on this machine, such as peanut, soya, mustard, sesame, almond, etc.
This model of peanut oil extraction machine works good on peanut, too. And the press quantity is from 65 kg per hour to 700 kg per hour, the output oil is crude oil and edible oil. The disadvantage is no filter in this machine, you should buy an oil filter separately, if you prefer to get filtered oil.
There are many models works good on peanut oil extraction machine, please contact us and tell us more about your plan, we will recommend the right models to you.

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