Sesame Roaster Machine Can Increase The Oil Yeild

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Since 1999 Zhengzhou Hengtong Machinery factory has already specializing in the production of oil pressing equipment, from our experience the essential part of the oil extraction equipment is the Roaster machine. And we can provide the best price. The steaming and stir frying technology of sesame baking machine is the leading industry and suitable for all hydraulic presses. It includes temperature control equipment and temperature display equipment. It is suitable for a variety of oil-based crops, including sesame, peanut, flax, rapeseed, sunflower seed and so on. The heat of the Roaster machine is uniform, the heating of the material is more safe and convenient, the oil rate is greatly increased and the quality of oil is increased. The Sesame Roaster machine have a lot of Advantages: 1, adding appropriate amount of water to steam and stir fry, can fully destroy oil seed cells, make protein swellable, protein fully solidified and hardened, improve the ability to withstand pressure, conducive to oil condensation. Practice has proved that the more thorough the denaturation of protein is, the higher the oil yield will be. Wet heat is protected by steam and oil. The oil is light and dark. 2, because of closed baking, heat does not disperse, more energy saving than ordinary common frying machine, reduce production costs. 3, as long as we remember the frying temperature of different oil crops at a time, we can really see the fact that the temperature is frying. Firewood, coal, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas can be used.

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