Screw oil press machine cold hot press can improve the oil rate

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screw oil press machine

Spiral presses The hot presses can increase the oil rate. The oil ratio of the screw oil press machine determines the level of the oil ratio to the technical setting of the press, the pressure of the press and the temperature of the press. Round row of oil press oil line gap is 150 silk, take a large amount of slag, press the chamber pressure is low, so the oil rate is low. Jin Ha automatic oil press with the row, the gap between the oil wire for the 25 wire oil gap is small, the amount of slag is also reduced.
The new oil press electronic temperature control technology to ensure that the squeeze out the oil temperature of the best temperature, but also can automatically adjust the press temperature to deal with different oil. The current method of pressing oil is divided into cold pressing and hot pressing. Cold pressing without heating oil, the oil rate is low, pale oil, less impurities, can be more to retain the nutrients in the oil. Suitable for some small oil is not suitable for heating or high-grade health oil. Such as olive oil, linseed oil, safflower oil. The method is suitable for high oil content of oil, protein denaturation is small. Cold pressing is just a little lower temperature, not without heat.
Relatively speaking, the nutritional value of cold pressed oil is higher, generally used for relatively high prices of small oil production. Cold pressing is the transmission of ancient oil extraction methods, raw materials do not need heating, oil press without heating ring, directly with the cold squeeze the way the oil squeezed out. Cold pressed oil has a pure natural characteristics, to avoid the high temperature of the negative effects of oil processing. Cold pressed oil retains the natural flavor and color of the oil, and retains the physiologically active substances in the oil (vitamin E has anti-aging function, sterol has a skin effect and enhance the body's metabolic function), cold press Oil juice, the color is light but not lit, fried things will not start when the foam, not silt pot, is a good choice for healthy living.
Oil extraction needs to be the first oil after the selection, broken after the high temperature heating treatment, so that a series of changes within the oil: destruction of oil cells, to promote protein denaturation, reduce fat viscosity, so that the oil in the bio-active substances (vitamin E, sterols , Such as causin, etc.) squeeze a large number of losses during the process, greatly reducing the nutritional value of oil.
Cold pressing and hot pressing the main difference is in the temperature, to peanuts, for example, hot pressing temperature between 120-130 degrees, while the cold squeeze in 65 degrees, in addition, due to cold pressing, protein powder protein content Higher, mainly low temperature, protein degeneration lighter, as far as possible when the hot pressed protein denaturation, to improve the oil rate. These two kinds of oil extraction methods because of different raw materials to choose, such as peanuts, it is recommended to use hot pressing.
Spiral oil press operation, after the initial processing of oil from the hopper into the squeeze from the hopper, by the screw will continue to squeeze the oil squeeze, squeeze. Squeeze the embryo in the spiral of non-stop friction, the friction of the heat to increase the oil must be the heat, oil press to improve the oil rate, increase the use of oil extraction embryo, reduce waste. In fact, its principle is so simple, the use of spiral rotation squeeze, so that friction between the oil, and thus squeeze out the oil. You understand the principle of it, will be more aware of the oil when, which accessories are the main components, which is not the main. It will be based on its anomaly to determine which place a problem.
The rate of oil, the impact of a variety of factors, today, as the two press oil press for everyone to explain how the pressure of the press is the impact of the oil press machine oil rate. Oil press work, press the pressure of the size of the pressure of the degree of oil press, if the press pressure, you can squeeze the net again, if the press pressure is small, you need the second press.

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