The use and characteristics of the new vacuum oil filter

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vacuum oil filter

Vacuum oil filter is the use of vacuum filtration principle makes the oil medium to filter, thereby improving the quality of oil to make it more pure. Mainly used in power plants, power plants and other places. But in industrial and mining enterprises is also the need to use vacuum oil filter  on the impurities in the oil filter, but because of the work environment, so you need to use vacuum oil filter .
vacuum oil filter has a unique heat exchange device (water cooled, air-cooled) to extract the hot air contained in the water vapor condensed into water droplets, pumping condensate fast, and will not enter the vacuum pump. Vacuum pump oil in the long-term harsh working environment is not emulsified, no fuel, no maintenance, replacement and so on. To solve the long-term troubled vacuum oil machine industry problems, so as to ensure the extension of the life of the vacuum pump, the technology in the leading domestic level.
For special occasions under the industrial and mining environment requirements, vacuum oil filter all parts have been phosphating. Stainless steel flanges, disc connection, safe and reliable operation.
vacuum oil filter  filter is generally divided into coarse filter (stainless steel filter) and fine filter (high-precision filter). Filter filter after a long period of time after its filter performance will be reduced, through the filter hydraulic oil pressure will increase. Hydraulic oil will pass through the filter through the filter, but at this time into the oil hydraulic oil without filtration, will cause pollutants into the oil, increase the mechanical wear. Therefore, vacuum oil filter  filter in the filter oil filter plays a vital role in the hydraulic oil impurities and contaminated particles, will be intercepted through the filter filter out. In this way, the oil into the oil is very clean, so that it can effectively prevent the metal particles impurities on the hydraulic components caused by abrasive wear.
Vacuum oil filter high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple operation, easy maintenance. Small size, light weight, easy to move.

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