Which vegetable oil refinery plant is high output?

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vegetable oil refinery plant


Living standards improve, more and more city people from rural areas and native love of the mountains. Eating more and more about pure natural, pollution-free green. Suddenly, whole grains, cereals, mountain vegetables, wild eat these things before the time be poor, they have become city people fighting for the baby. Press a new listing, for many farmers has brought new business opportunities.
After many farmers to buy new vegetable oil refinery plant, squeezed into the city and sell using way, the seed, rapeseed, peanut and other plants pressed into oil after selling most welcome. vegetable oil refinery plant using the most advanced technology from developed, after many users generally reflect good performance, the oil is high, and easy to operate, can extract all kinds of oil: such as soybeans, peanuts, tea seed oil, walnut, tung tree seeds , cottonseed, rice bran and other oil. vegetable oil refinery plant configuration can quickly filter oil filtering equipment in winter, not seasons, clear oil. Whether it is hot or cold-pressed virgin, vegetable oil refinery plant oil yield than ordinary press about 10% higher. The new press launch, many users are beginning to transfer their cheap old press, in order to buy new oil press.
Jintai company produce vegetable oil refinery plant oil entirely up to the customer's requirements, the user can safely ease of use, our vegetable oil refinery plant compact structure, occupy less space, fully enclosed transmission system protection, safe and convenient operation. Our vegetable oil refinery plant machine table using the latest materials from electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, resistance to greasy, high temperature. Not only beautiful, but also easy to clean, to ensure that health, high-quality and wear-resistant steel castings science with fatigue, stable performance, ensure long-term continuous operation press equipment, and durable.
vegetable oil refinery plant maintenance:
     1. should be checked every 50 hours of lubrication, gear box oil cup above shall not be short of oil, pressing screw shaft bearings should be adjusted within the adjustment screw the screw hole filling butter once per shift, non-dry grinding.
     2. The site should be run oil to prevent dust and other impurities intrusion, a year need to check the quality of a gear box oil, detect deterioration, replace all the oil.
     3. When the press was reduced, a cake or oil is not normal, should be squeezed out of the screw shaft, checking pressing bolts, cage bars, wear out the cake circle, to the timely replacement of worn parts.
     4. At the end of every work shift, the machine should be removed biscuit, clean the machine surface dust, grease.
     5. The long-term storage of production after the end of the season, should be a maintenance, and the pressing screw, cage bars, a re-oiled cake circle washable, dry place.


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