Characteristics and principle of hydraulic oil press machine

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hydraulic oil press machine

Hydraulic oil press machine features and principles, hydraulic press is mainly used for soybean, sesame, peanuts, olives, almonds and other crush, soybean cake protein is not damaged, can be used to do tofu, soy milk and other soy products, the remaining slag Can be used as feed and fertilizer, its use is more extensive.
Hydraulic oil press machine is composed of two parts: hydraulic and press, and its common faults and troubleshooting methods are as follows.
1, the hydraulic pump pressure is not enough reason:
① the oil valve has dirt or poor contact; ② press out of the valve plug and the valve seat contact bad or not tightly caused by oil; ③ small piston and pump wear gap is too large. The corresponding exclusion method is: ① after washing and grinding to make it close; ② grinding press on and out of the valve plug and valve seat, so close or tighten the plug; ③ replace the new pump.
2, the hydraulic pump can not draw oil because:
① oil filter is blocked; ② oil used for too long, there are sediment attached to the oil inlet valve, so that the throttle is not close; ③ tank oil is too strong or due to cold weathering; ④ fuel tank fuel; The pump is not empty. The corresponding exclusion method is: ① cleaning the oil filter network; ② replace the new oil or release the old oil; filter and clean the oil into the valve, and to be ground to make it close well; ③ replacement of thin oil, cold room temperature should be increased; To the tank to add enough oil; ⑤ pull out a small piston, into the oil and then pressure.
3, the hydraulic press pressure gauge pointer can not be maintained, the rapid decline, because: ① safety valve is not sealed; ② out of the valve plug and ball contact bad; ③ tubing joints and hydraulic cylinder plug and hydraulic cylinder into the oil Hole is not tight; ④ three-way return valve and steel ball bad contact. The corresponding removal method is: ① grinding safety valve to make it close; ② grinding out into the oil valve to close; ③ tighten the tubing joints and hydraulic cylinder plug; ④ grinding back to the oil valve.
Hydraulic press during the operation to check the oil press often the situation, and control the moisture content of the embryo is neither too high nor too low. The normal cake should be flaky, by pressing the sprinkler shaft side smooth, the other side has a lot of fur pattern. Such as the cake is loose, or the cake is not formed, darker color, hand pinch as soon as it is broken, which shows that the embryo is too little water; such as the cake is soft, into a large sheet, or oil bubble increased, It means adding too much water. Under normal circumstances, no row between the slag or very little slag, in the bar out of the slag, such as slag was fine-like description of water, In addition, the change in the oil position can be seen into the press water is appropriate, when the squeeze water is too high or too low, the oil position are moved backwards.
Before using the hydraulic press, you should first prepare all the auxiliary equipment and containers, check and adjust the belt tension. And then start the motor, so that the machine empty running about 15min or so, check the speed of the squeeze screw shaft. General speed should be around 33dmin. Idle should pay attention to the gear box gear meshing situation and whether the sound is normal, the bearing parts and the motor is normal. When the oil press is idling, the motor current should be about 3A. If the current is too high, should immediately stop checking, adjust and then boot. The same time as
Hydraulic press characteristics analysis: advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance:
1. Wide range of uses: a multi-purpose machine, can be pressed peanuts, flax, sesame seeds, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybeans and other 30 kinds of oil crops.
2. Provincial workers: the same output can save 60% of the labor force, 1 to 2 people can organize production, the day can save about 40 yuan of labor effectiveness.
3. High oil rate: compared with the old-fashioned equipment, the normal oil rate can be higher than 2 to 3 points, the average per kilogram of peanuts can be more than 2-6 kg, the annual economy
4. Energy: the same output to reduce the power of 40% to an average of 6 times per hour to save electricity calculation, the production can save 30 yuan electricity.

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