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screw oil press machine

Home-type screw oil press machine use a lot, we usually eat the use of a screw press oil peanut oil contains vitamin K has a hemostatic effect. Peanut red hemostatic effect than peanuts 50 times higher, a variety of bleeding disorders have a good hemostatic effect. So that experts have suggested that we can use the home type of oil press their own squeeze peanut oil to eat, peanuts contain vitamin E and a certain amount of zinc, can enhance memory, anti-aging, delay brain function decline, moisturizing the skin. Although we buy peanut oil is peanut oil but the content of peanut oil inside or not our own use of professional peanut oil press press content, and health ah, peanut vitamin C contains cholesterol, help prevent arteriosclerosis , Hypertension and coronary heart disease. Peanut trace elements selenium and another biologically active substance, such as erythrocytes, can prevent and treat cancerous diseases, and also reduce the platelet aggregation mechanism to prevent and treat atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease chemical prophylactic agents. Peanuts are also righting tonic, Yue spleen and stomach, lungs and phlegm, nourishing gas, water swelling, bleeding raw milk, Qingyan the role of malaria.
Applicable people: young and old can eat. Disease after the physically weak, the recovery period of patients with surgery and women during pregnancy postpartum eating peanuts have nourishing effect. 80-100 grams per day can be.
Special tips: the peanut with red and red dates with the use of both tonic, but also to stop bleeding, the most suitable for physically weak bleeding patients. Peanut fried or fried, the nature of hot, not eat more. In the peanuts eat a lot of stew to eat for the best. This will not only avoid the destruction of signs of nutrients, but also has a tepid, tidal moist, good population, easy to digest the characteristics of all ages.
Healthy traffic lights: peanuts contain more fat, digestion need to consume more bile, so patients with bile disease should not eat. Peanuts can promote blood clotting, promote thrombosis, so high blood viscosity or thrombosis people unfit for human consumption. Peanut moldy contains a large number of carcinogens - aflatoxin, so mildew peanuts do not eat. Even if the peanuts contain a lot of nutrients but we still have to be sub-quality, but we are healthy, but if the health of the peanut if the problem if the body is still very harmful to our body so we must be good to look at what kind of peanut oil Is the most healthy
At present, the market has been reconciled oil for the public use. This is an oil that the public can choose. However, it is noteworthy that the public should pay attention to reconcile the oil in the coconut oil and palm oil content, try to choose the lower content of these two oils to reduce the body intake of saturated fatty acids. At the same time, Kam Tai Machinery also believes that we can also use the screw press machine at home is also very healthy squeeze, the public can buy their own different oil mixed use, the best match is olive oil, tea oil and peanut oil mixture. As for some people like rapeseed oil, experts advise the public to pay attention to whether the merchant is rapeseed oil removal of erucic acid, if the easy to induce cardiovascular disease substances have been removed, it is also a mixture of olive oil, peanut oil Edible oil. Fried oil should not be repeated use of the public Mr. Lee on the "fried with oil abandoned the pity" point of view, Kam Tai Machinery that fried oil is not suitable for repeated use, but also do not have to run out. These oils are best not to eat, because these have just squeezed out of the oil is not the same oil, where there are a lot of harmful substances, the body is very healthy,
Experts said that the study shows that repeated use of edible oil will produce lipid peroxide, benzopyrene, serious damage to food vitamins, harmful to the human gastrointestinal tract, hinder the body of protein, amino acid absorption, damage the enzyme metabolism System, but also will induce the body's cancer lesions. We all need to always pay attention to our life everywhere there is this danger, we must always pay attention to, we all can actually use peanut oil press at home squeeze peanut oil, and peanut this raw material is also very good to buy The

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