hydraulic sesame oil press machine pressure gauge pointer failure

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hydraulic sesame oil press machine

when you used the hydraulic sesame oil press machine, Because the safety valve is not sealed; access to the valve plug and ball contact bad; the tubing joints and hydraulic cylinder plug and hydraulic cylinder into the oil hole is not tight; three-way return valve and steel ball bad contact.
Remedy: Grind the safety valve to close it. Grind the oil and gas into the valve. Tighten the tubing fittings and hydraulic cylinder plugs. Grinding back to the oil valve.
The reason why the rocker comes out is that the oil valve is in bad contact with the steel ball; the spring head is out of the steel ball.
Exclusion method is to grind out the oil valve, change the new ball. Expand the spring head.
Bureau of material is due to oil frying temperature is not appropriate, the material temperature is too low, the cake water content is too high; cake thickness is not uniform; cake, the cake is not correct;
Exclusion method: take the appropriate direction of steaming to raise the material temperature to 85 degrees Celsius above the water content of less than 7%. When the cake is concerned, the cake is thick. Properly reduce the press speed.
The oil leaks from the hydraulic sesame oil press machine cylinder with the piston clearance
The reason is that the bowl bowl is loaded wrong; the bowl is damaged.
Remedy: Reinstall the bowl or replace the new bowl.
Safety valve failure reasons: the oil is not clean, dirt sink contact surface; spring loss of elasticity; adjust the screw back to the loose pressure of the specified pressure; often overpressure, steel ball will be bruised.
Remedy: open the cleaning, such as the valve port, valve needle damage should be grinding. Replace the spring. Re-adjust the screws so that the pressure reaches 40 MPa. Re-grinding the valve, replace the new ball and pay attention to operating procedures.

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