The Method and Maintenance Method of Pressing Tea Seed of Screw Oil Press Machine

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Screw oil press machine pressed tea seed and maintenance methods, tea seed oil is a high-end edible oil, rich in a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, in the human body without any residue. Tea seed oil, especially for high blood pressure, high blood lipids, arteriosclerosis and other oil magical effect. Camellia seed tall, harder. Produced in Fujian, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Anhui, Jiangxi and other southern provinces. As the camellia seed is hard, and there are two hard shell, so the traditional squeeze camellia seed is the use of hydraulic press, now tea seeds dry, and then crushed, and then steamed into the steamer about twenty minutes into the hydraulic press The oil press is pressed. Hydraulic press operation is relatively cumbersome, the operator of labor, and the hydraulic press oil ratio compared to the screw press to slightly lower. Then the spiral press can really squeeze the camellia seed it? The answer is yes, but it must be a row of machines, and have to be replaced with a special squeeze camel seed.
We Henan Kintai Machinery developed five years ago, a special screw squeeze screw, because the camellia seed big, high hardness, but also a layer of hard shell. The use of ordinary screw oil press machine press squeeze is easy to stuck. This is because the ordinary squeeze is mainly used for crushing rapeseed, peanut, sesame, oil sunflower, flax, soybeans and other common oil crops, so the broken section of the broken thread is lighter, Squeeze the gap is small. And squeeze the camellia seed is different, camellia seed using a screw press press time, is to the entire particles into the press press, so the special squeeze broken broken sister and squeeze between the gap can not be too small, otherwise easy Stuck. Popular point that tea seed just into the press when the chamber, there must be a step by step by squeezing the process of crushing, it will not cause the snail stuck. As long as the first section of the broken seeds, the back of the pressing process will be effortless. Coupled with our Jin Tai presses of the squeeze and squeeze the material are used in the chrome 12 alloy, so that Jin Tai brand screw press squeeze camellia seed effect is the bar.
This year is the "New Year" of camellia seed, which is the season of camellia seed harvest. Camellia seed sub-year old, big harvest, small general. Camellia seed oil is a high-end vegetable oil, high nutritional content, especially unsaturated fatty acid content is very high, with softening blood vessels, blood pressure, lowering blood pressure effect. So what kind of presses to squeeze the camellia seed effect is better? Today I will give you a brief introduction.
Squeeze camellia seed has two kinds of technology, the first is the use of hydraulic press, the first camellia seed crushed, and then on the whole disk steamed, and then into the hydraulic press for pressing. The squeeze of the hydraulic press is a round cake. Hydraulic press oil squeezed out of Camellia seed oil oil quality is good, but the operation cumbersome, large amount of labor workers, and the oil rate is relatively low. There is the use of a screw press squeeze camellia seed, but because the camellia seed particles, high hardness, there is a layer of hard shell, so the ordinary screw press is not enough. We Jintai mechanical technology R & D personnel specifically based on camellia seed research and development of special screw, is specifically for the camellia seed for pressing, the effect is very good. If the operator can squeeze the time according to the different raw materials, replace the squeeze on the line, the entire press process only takes five minutes. It is the season of the harvest of camellia seed, camellia seed oil machine sales is soaring, hope that more people use Jin Tai press, squeeze a better camellia seed oil.
Any kind of mechanical equipment in the use of the process, should be regular maintenance and maintenance, spiral press is even more so. The quality of the best oil press, if only know that the use of maintenance, will affect the use of efficiency and shorten the life. The correct maintenance and maintenance of the screw press is mainly to pay attention to five points:
First: in the work of about 100 hours should check the lubrication situation, the gear box on the top of the oil cup can not lack of oil, screw presses to adjust the rod shaft bearings should be from the screw hole in the US version of the butter once filling, The
Second: the various parts of the lubrication should be to prevent dust and other impurities into the annual need to check the quality of a gearbox oil, if the gear box oil metamorphism should immediately replace all the oil.
Third: When the squeeze is reduced, the cake or the oil is not normal, it should be squeezed out, check the squeeze screw, squeeze out the cake ring wear, because the screw press machine squeeze and squeeze is There is wear life, and found serious wear and tear should be replaced immediately.
Fourth: After the end of each class work, the machine should be squeezed out of the cake inside the net, wipe the surface of the screw press, especially the press on the dust, grease.
Fifth: If the production season after the machine long-term storage, should be carried out a maintenance, to ensure that the press can not have no residue.
In short: in order to extend the service life of the screw press, the correct timely maintenance is essential, we must pay attention to the above five

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