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sesame oil press machine

Sesame oil press machine motor current should be controlled at around 3A. If sesame oil press machine in the running when the current is too high, we should immediately stop to check, adjust the machine after the word to boot, no-load operation.
After loading normally, prepare about 50kg of rapeseed or soybeans, ready to put into the hopper. Note: the beginning of the squeeze when we can not discharge too fast, if the feed is too fast there will be a sudden increase in the pressure inside the press situation, resulting in squeeze spinning shaft does not move, resulting in squeeze the chamber blockage, the situation can cause serious squeeze cage Rupture, which can cause a major accident. So start the compression, the feed should be evenly and slowly into the hopper, so that sesame oil press machine run together. So repeatedly, for 3 to 4 hours after the temperature gradually increased sesame oil press machine , and even take the smoke (which is normal). Press the press when the pressure is low, you can slowly twist the adjustment of the handle on the stud, increase the thickness of the cake, while increasing the moisture into the press embryo, until the press chamber temperature rose to about 90 ℃, sesame oil press machine normal operation, The cake thickness is adjusted to 1.5 mm-2. 5 mm and the fastening nut is tightened.
sesame oil press machine normal operation, the high oil content of oil out of the oil mostly concentrated in the row and the former group of circular row. The row of the oil accounted for about 60% of the total oil output, the former group of about 30% of the row of emissions: the end of the oil is very small, into a drop line, oil is very clear. Repeatedly squeeze two or three times can rapeseed or soybean oil squeeze to do, during this period can be more oil-containing oil residue evenly mixed with the embryo in the press, a cloth material to maintain uniform, Otherwise it will affect the life of the press and the oil rate.
Out of the cake can also reflect some of the situation,
First: the cake is loose, or the cake is not formed, darker color, hand pinch as soon as possible, which shows that the embryo plus water less;
Second: the cake is soft, into a large sheet, or the oil bubble increased, then add too much water. Under normal circumstances, no row between the slag or very little slag, in the bar out of the slag, such as slag was fine-like description of water, In addition, the change in the oil position can be seen into the press water is appropriate, when the squeeze water is too high or too low, the oil position are moved backwards.
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