Peanut oil press machine installed using small tips

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peanut oil press machine

Peanut oil press machine installation of the use of small tips, and now peanut oil press press will become the only choice for edible oil, who first entered the oil industry, who first made fortune. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people from the initial solution to the problem of food and clothing to eat out of nutrition, call out the new concept of health. The strength of a filter processing capacity, mainly depends on its filtration rate, then the hydraulic press speed is how to it? Here we do not explain in detail, we have to understand how this is going on. Here to tell you how to speed up the filtration speed. When the solid particles in the suspension, the particle size is uniform, the filter layer of the filter residue is more smooth, the filtrate through the residue layer of the larger. The use of flocculants will be fine particles assembled into larger clumps, is conducive to improving the filtration rate.
Edible oil is our life can not be a lack of a role, that oil is how to produce it? Our peanut oil press machine accessories with the development of science and technology, the traditional way to squeeze the oil as early as the machine to replace the squeeze. For the suspension of solid particles, the application of filtration in the upper part of the filter medium, so that the filter direction and gravity direction consistent with the coarse particles first settlement, can reduce the small filter oil filter media and filter layer clogging; in the difficult to filter (Such as colloid) mixed with diatomaceous earth, expanded perlite and other coarse solid particles, can make the filter layer becomes loose; filter viscosity is large, you can heat the suspension to reduce the viscosity.
Small automatic peanut oil press has been improved, has been improved in all aspects of the past, the lack of hydraulic press, stand-alone electricity is very small, covering only a few square meters, and connected with the computer controller to achieve the production automation. The oil press continues to maintain the advantages of the hydraulic press, the long life of the advantages of the oil produced by the smell of the general, and in the consumption of foam, widely welcomed by consumers. Pay attention to keep clean and clean In the open before pressing and pressing, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the piston surface, the piston surface adhesion of dirt and oil should be promptly cleaned. Always pay attention to whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is clean and be carefully filtered when filling the tank. After a period of time, if found to be unclean, should be released in time to filter, or replace the new oil.
In the normal operation of peanut oil press, high oil production materials are mostly out of the strip and round raft local oil production 60% and 30% of the oil. Although after the implementation of a small number, only the formation of dripping into a line, but not oil. And the oil looks light. The rape seed or soya bean oil can be thoroughly squeezed out after two or three times. In the process of repression, the user can put the machine's second or more residue according to which contains a lot of oil. Endure the machine stock slag evenly, to avoid that there is not much of all means suddenly, otherwise it will affect the oil extraction rate and the life of the hydraulic press is expected. Idle should pay attention to the gear box gear meshing situation and whether the sound is normal, the bearing parts and the motor is normal. When the oil press is idle, the motor current should be about 3A, such as the current is too high, should immediately stop checking, adjust and then start the general speed should be about 33dmin. Small and automatic multi-function a squeeze the net, the province of saving time, the oil rate is high, with a small power, pure oil, a machine, can be sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, flax and other twenty A variety of oil products for oil processing.
Peanut oil press installed after the hour should be squeezed: the method is to have been squeezed oil cake cake cake. Soybean cake, peanut cake, cotton cake or cotton shell, rice husk can be slowly fed from the hopper, repeated back to squeeze. So that the squeeze polished, the cake shape, smooth, remember to start pressing not directly into the material into the hopper, and hand to feed is appropriate to prevent the squeeze spool stuck; such as feeding too much, Within the abnormal sound or squeeze the shaft stuck, should immediately stop, eliminate obstruction, out of the mouth of the smoke smoke. Squeeze hot cake to spread in time to avoid spontaneous combustion. When the continuous working time is longer, the machine temperature is too high, should take the fan blowing and other cooling measures Continuous work, the heater can stop working Oil press before starting, you must first conduct a comprehensive inspection, the fasteners shall not loose, Rotate the flexible, hand pulley, the operation of parts should be normal, no abnormal sound, then in the gear box filled with mechanical oil. Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise so that the tapered surface of the squeegee is tightened against the cone of the cake mouth, then adjust the screw ring clockwise, then tighten the lock nut,

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