Hydraulic Palm Oil press machine press Palm oil

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Hydraulic Palm oil press machine

Using Hydraulic Palm Oil press machine , the first system of cake stacking, installed after the light pressure, ground pressure, but also hydraulic power through the oil to the power of the cake and squeeze out the palm kernel oil.
The first choice of cake into the squeeze should pay attention to straight, tidy, in the squeeze to grasp the pressure and pressure, the principle of tightening. In the beginning of the press, the middle of the gap between the larger particles, a pressure, you can quickly shrink, keep the temperature inside the cake will not decline, at the beginning, as soon as possible to the pressure until the oil, then should not suddenly Increase the pressure so that the embryo by the sudden increase in pressure leaving the capillary block, hinder the flow of oil; but should be gently pressurized, multi-pressure several times. But if the pressure of a loose will make the oil back into the gap and be left in the cake, so to gradually increase the pressure to keep the oil flow constantly, pay attention to the oil when the pressure is less, when the oil slowly pressure, The pressure is small, the more pressure later, the so-called step by step to step up, pressure to the oil flow is not a line, and the tip has been pressed, you can stop until the oil stream after the loose squeeze the cake. Squeezed palm kernel oil because of which there are a lot of oil residue impurities, need to stand for 2 hours, so that after the precipitation will clarify part of the oil into the tank.
The hydraulic pump pressure is not enough oil out of the window with dirt or bad contact; press out of the valve plug and valve seat contact bad or not tightly caused by oil; small piston and pump wear gap is too large.
After washing and washing to be ground, so close. Grind the squeegee on and out of the valve plug and seat to close or tighten the plug. Replace the new pump.
Hydraulic pump can not draw oil reasons: oil filter network is blocked; oil used for too long, there are sediment attached to the oil inlet valve, so that the throttle is not close; tank oil is too strong or solidified due to cold; Lack of; hydraulic pump is not a vacuum.
Remedy: Clean the filter net. Replace the new oil or release the old oil; filter and clean the oil intake valve, and to be ground to make it close. Replacement of thin oil, cold days should be increased room temperature. Add enough oil to the tank. Pull out the small piston, into the oil and then pressure.
You can also use Hydraulic Palm Oil press machine and solvent leaching degreasing to recover palm kernel oil.

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