Hydraulic oil press machine market is growing

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hydraulic oil press machine

In recent years, with the development of China's construction machinery industry, the scale of the hydraulic oil press machine market has been increasing and the intensity of China's infrastructure construction has been continuously strengthened. The economic market has become more and more important. Sub-areas put forward higher requirements, including not only technology, intelligent, including energy saving, green and a series of factors. Nowadays, energy saving and environmental protection has become a hot topic in China's society. It seems that there is nothing related to the construction machinery industry which has nothing to do with energy conservation and environmental protection. It is urgent to change the efficiency, energy saving, green and environmental protection. Many energy-saving environmental protection concept has also been applied to the construction machinery products. For the purchase of brick brick machine equipment friends, the quality of durable, efficient production efficiency is a let users be happy things, by visiting a large number of friends and friends to understand such a good news, the interview users friends all praise Jin Tai mechanical hydraulic press efficient and stable. Compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, fully sealed dustproof, circulating lubrication, simple operation, high output and durable characteristics. Oil press feed speed, rotary disc rotation and other parts of the most advanced technology, transmission power, smooth operation, in place accurate, low maintenance rate advantages. Many people are concerned about the cement brick machine related issues, but ignored the importance of its related products. In fact, the oil press and the conveyor belt debugging is also very important.
This oil is most suitable for people's food, because the hydraulic press is purely physical press, squeeze the oil has a variety of nutrients. One of the monounsaturated fatty acids can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. However, we are now a lot of users in the choice of edible oil, will choose the oil press production of edible oil. Although many of us now eat peanuts to reconcile the oil, but we squeeze out all the natural, so to eat hydraulic press oil squeezed oil is the most healthy!
I produced the peanut oil press, is the introduction of international advanced technology and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Institute of Cereals, Oils and Food Research Institute developed a new generation of energy efficient oil extraction equipment, in line with the Ministry of Agriculture agricultural conditions and standards, the processing and production of oil Authentic, fidelity pure life are now well-off, and quality of life has improved. We are in the choice of edible oil, the most noteworthy is one of the nutrients. Many experts and professors have said that there is a significant negative correlation between the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids, the occurrence of three high cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and the mortality rate. To achieve the purpose of balanced nutritional diet, and other cardiovascular disease patients should choose their own edible oil. So we Wanjin machinery production squeeze out of edible oil, without any additives, pure environmental protection, pure green.
When the hydraulic press presses the lower pan to the lowest position, loosen the movable rod nut, unplug the two movable pins, and rotate the movable lever on one side. After the cake is loaded into the chamber, the movable rod is turned back to the original position, and the pre-press is pressed to see the oil, and the piston is returned. The remaining cake is packed into the official press (the general hydraulic press can pack 20 pieces. Squeeze the oil content of high oil (such as peanuts, rapeseed), squeeze the first time with the first low-pressure pump work, the oil after the use of high-pressure pump work. If the pressure gauge pointer found back less than zero, Should be timely calibration, repair or replacement to open the return valve, the oil will automatically flow back to the tank, the piston automatically fall, you can press the press.
Check and debug the hydraulic press We need more and better methods: Before the pump test, first add a clean mechanical oil or vegetable oil in the tank, press the handle up and down to see if the piston of the press is up. If the piston does not rise or the handle is not laborious when pressed, to check the fuel tank of the valve, and remove the air in the pipeline for the whole machine pressure test, the test pressure is 25 times the working pressure, check the piston out to The maximum working stroke, the regulator for 15 minutes, the pressure gauge reading drop shall not exceed 4% of the test pressure; all oil should be no leakage; after all the pressure unloading, the pressure gauge pointer back to "0" Should be no damage, the rod should not have significant deformation, moving parts without jamming phenomenon.

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