The processing of the screw oil press machine is a physical press

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screw oil press machine

China's edible oil are basically taken by pressing or leaching method of production, then what kind of oil is more conducive to human health? The production process can not determine the quality of oil The main difference between the press oil and the leaching oil is the difference in the production process of the automatic press: the screw oil press machine process is the physical press method and the leaching oil is the chemical leaching method.
Physical crushing method is through the raw materials for crushing, steaming, squeezing, so that oil directly from the oil decomposition, and ultimately reach an agreement, Mr. Zhu returned the blending oil and a one-time compensation by the dealer 27500 to leach the production of edible oil , The chemical composition of the residue is very low, will not have any impact on health. Plant and office building has been completed, and other related facilities are being improved. The company plans to introduce the domestic advanced fried peanuts, spiced peanuts, vinegar bubble peanuts and other production lines and related facilities. Among them: screening, peeling, fried three production lines have been installed and commissioned, the processing capacity of up to 80 tons. Is expected to officially put into operation in October this year. Oilseed Sesame contains a lot of fat, there is a good laxative effect Peanut outside the layer of thin red on the human body has many benefits. Experts say that peanuts are recognized worldwide health food, peanuts in our country is considered to be "Top Ten longevity food" one. Chinese medicine that the effect of peanuts is to reconcile the spleen and stomach, blood to stop bleeding, antihypertensive lipid-lowering. Which "the role of blood to stop bleeding," the main layer of red peanut that is the credit.
Traditional oil press high energy consumption, high cost investment greatly reduced the profit margins. Oil oil press replacement upgrade, energy saving, reduce the cost of pressing, but also to extend the life of the press. Oil press oil press gear box with "helical gear design", the load is small, wear parts, energy saving. The use of oil general specifications products, one day will be able to save tens of degrees of electricity, equivalent to saving tens of dollars a day electricity costs. Oil industry is China's traditional industries, oil market, every family needs, the market is broad, as long as the oil into the oil industry will be able to make money, it is no doubt the fact. Efficient energy-saving oil press
After years of research and development of a new type of energy efficient oil press, every 100 pounds of peanuts extract oil 28 to 38 pounds, peanuts can also restore the status quo, can be processed spicy peanuts, fish peanuts, peanut tofu, artificial meat, peanut pickles , Peanut flour, peanut milk, peanut dew, peanut sugar, peanut granules and other peanut foods. The machine uses the physical press is not heated, no loss, no oil, a squeeze net, no noise, do not add chemical raw materials, with power 3 kilowatts, processing per kilogram of peanuts only 5 minutes power consumption than ordinary machine energy saving percentage Of 90, each machine 10 hours can produce peanuts 1 thousand kilograms of oil 300 kg or more remaining peanuts 700 kg monthly profit of 20,000 or more is the ordinary oil press replacement products.
Use of the press Before using the press, you should first prepare all the auxiliary equipment and containers to check and adjust the belt tension. And then start the motor to empty the machine running about 15min to check the speed of the squeeze screw shaft. General speed should be around 33dmin. Idle should pay attention to the gear box gear meshing situation and whether the normal sound of the bearing parts and the motor is normal When the oil mill idling motor current should be about 3A. If the current is too high should immediately stop checking and then boot.
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have from the initial "solution to food and clothing" to "eat nutrition, eat healthy." The company is a professional oil press machine manufacturers. Edible oil is one of the six kinds of nutrients the body needs every day, the edible oil nutrition and health people increasingly concerned about. At present, the edible oil on the market is divided into leaching oil and crusher oil by the production process. The leaching oil is the oil which is separated from the oil by the chemical oil method. The oil is destroyed in the process of refining. The nutritional content of oil, and the presence of harmful substances in the solvent, a potential threat to human health. The press oil due to the use of purely physical compression method, does not contain any chemical solvents, retains the oil in a variety of nutrients and authentic, its rich flavor, pure taste, high oil concentration, color crystal, its safety, Nutrition and health by domestic and foreign consumers. Speaking of oil press we are not unfamiliar, we eat every day through the oil press experience, the oil press market prospects are great, every household every day to eat oil,
Small automatic oil press completely rely on mechanical pure physical extrusion, does not contain any chemical solvents, and thus fully retain the plant's nutrients and authentic, its rich flavor, pure taste, color crystal, purely "green, natural, Nutrition, health of the oil, "we in the United States with the oil press after a long period of market research and research, research and development of advanced automated small and medium-sized automatic oil press equipment, access to a number of national honor and patents
The quality of vegetable oils and fats, in the sensory identification can also be roughly summarized as the color, smell, taste and several, combined with transparency, water content, impurities and other conditions to determine the situation. Which eye oil color is normal, with or without impurities or sediment, nasal smell is mildew, coke, ha ha taste, taste whether bitter, spicy, sour and other odor, is a major indicator of the identification of good or bad vegetable oils. Vegetable fat can also be heated test, when there is oil and fat when the strong fumes and choking.

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