Screw oil press machine the press to squeeze healthy edible oil

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screw oil press machine

For the needs of our body for each element are likely to need a variety of nutrition, but each edible oil has a different nutritional value, and cooking methods are not the same, not alone to eat a certain kind of oil, can be alternating Use, add a variety of nutrients needed by the human body. I advocate eating vegetable oil, such as corn oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil in particular eat tea oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil These three are vegetable oil, high nutrition, easy to absorb, eat more healthy! Lard is animal oil, cooking is more delicious than vegetable oil is delicious, but too much intake easily lead to high blood lipids.
Not to mention with the continuous development of these mechanical plants which Kam Tai Machinery Factory to develop a screw oil press machine so it is very convenient for our own squeeze edible oil, and we can be more at ease, I suggest usually eat Vegetable oil is healthier. Soybean oil and high iron content, vegetable oil and iron content, corn oil and peanut oil is rich in vitamin E content, experts also suggested that, in addition to cultivating snacks fried food and fast food fried food good habits, the use of these nutritional value There are characteristics of edible oil, is also a good way. Let's take a look at how olive oil is going on? As for olive oil can only be used for salad and other food methods, must not fry or fry if you think that olive oil health, then you use it salad or bread, olive oil is nutritious health oil, but if you If you are cooking, do not use olive oil, because the high temperature will make olive oil to produce a carcinogenic substance, is a serious injury to the body of the material, foreigners eat olive oil, because foreigners use high temperature fried way diet Less, you have not heard of which meal is fried with olive oil out of it See these words, we must pay attention to eating olive oil, and must not let our lives full of carcinogenic substances, we need is more healthy.
Today we simply talk about why eat less eat a lot of benefits? Here we come to a simple look, first of all oil is actually fat, if we want to eat more healthy oil, we can not prevent their own oil press at home to squeeze their own vegetable oil to eat, because so we The amount of squeeze must be less, so that we can change the kind of eating vegetable oil, so we are these things are very practical. Here we look at some of the methods and precautions about eating oil!
The main component of oil is fat, cooking too much oil will make the surface of the dishes are surrounded by a layer of fat, stomach digestion of the stomach can not be completely contact with food, it is not conducive to food digestion and absorption, and sometimes Cause diarrhea. In addition, cooking too much oil, the other condiments is not easy to penetrate into the food inside, but also affect the taste of food. Therefore, when cooking to moderate oil. In addition, the coronary heart disease, hypertension, cholecystitis patients, when the oil to control the oil, the oil will be more, will promote the secretion of bile and pancreatic juice secretion, to stimulate the occurrence of cholecystitis and pancreatitis cooking oil for animal oil and Vegetable oils, which are composed of glycerol and fatty acids. The melting point of vegetable oil is lower than 37 ℃, the melting point of animal oil is generally at 45 ℃. When the oil temperature up to 200 ℃ above, the glycerol will break down, resulting in a called "acrolein" gas. Acrolein is a kind of irritating substance harmful to the human respiratory tract, digestive tract and eyes, can cause tears, cough, anorexia, dizziness and other symptoms. In addition, due to the formation of acrolein, but also make oil produce a lot of peroxide, is a carcinogenic harmful substances. Therefore, the cooking should be burned to 80% of the oil is appropriate.
If we use our oil presses at home to squeeze the peanut oil, then we use peanut oil to cook, which we need more attention, because the peanuts are susceptible to contamination of Aspergillus flavus, and Aspergillus flavus in the appropriate conditions Will produce harmful aflatoxin B, in the squeeze peanut oil, although a variety of methods to remove the removal of this mold, but there will be a trace of aflatoxin residues exist. Therefore, it is advisable to put salt when cooking with peanut oil. After the dishes, so that the iodide in the salt to remove the toxicity of aflatoxin, is conducive to the protection of good health. If cooking oil is soy oil, rapeseed oil, etc., in order to reduce the vegetables in the vitamins and other nutrients in the loss of cooking, the general should be so hot and stir fry vegetables and then salt. So we eat every kind of vegetable oil at the same time need to pay attention to a lot of things, want more health we need more observation found in order to be able to make better use of these, in life we'd better eat Animal oil, if the lard, chicken oil and other animal oil cooking, the first salt after the release of vegetables is also conducive to hunting oil, chicken oil in the organochlorine pesticide residues reduction.

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