Reasonable operation is to ensure that Rape seed oil press machine oil rate method

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rapeseed oil press machine

Customers will find Rape seed oil press machine less oil, which is due to some of the elements of the heart, and some are due to material elements, but most of the technical staff is still the operator of the technical problems and the composition of the wrong. Detailed explanation of why Rape seed oil press machine oil out of the low elements.
Attention to the operation method to discuss why the peanut oil rate is low. We all know a very simple reason, let's hang down on the third floor with a pump, if the first floor and the second floor are open mouth pressure will be reduced, the water to the third floor will become a small change Not up, because the pressure can not. Rape seed oil press machine is also the principle, if the residual grinding out too much will constitute the loss of slag pressure, when lost too much will make the material was kneading strength becomes very small, so the case will be the oil rate will be Great influence.
Rapeseed is a high-yielding crop, and its structure is very simple in the bomb chamber was under pressure to be very strong, if we blasted the mouth of the cake is very thick regulation, then the composition of the resistance and pressure to reduce The. Although the speed of oiling has been so increased, the oil rate is really reduced. And this reduction is not a mind, but a real reduction, but to reduce the thickness of the cake will make the feed rate is reduced, so the formula has never been successful. Said that this is not a dead end here, there is no way to solve the original method is very simple answer, that is mixed with the cake to squeeze the rapeseed, rapeseed particles small feed full, if the increase in cake thickness will constitute a The oil is not complete, and reduce the thickness of the cake on the low power, and join the share of the waste cake will be able to let the boring furnace more smoothly, that is, to reduce the grinding chamber wear and resistance, so that equipment operation Getting smoother.
Above that is Rape seed oil press machine out of the oi

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