The use of new type oil press machine press material more thoroughly

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new type oil press machine

Material from the hopper into the new type oil press machine, the material will be divided into two parts by the feeder, part of the middle of the feeder into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the rapid acceleration in the impeller, the acceleration up to hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity, And then at 60-70 m / s from the impeller three uniform flow of the projectile out, first with the distributor around the self-falling part of the material impact crush, and then together to the impact of the vortex chamber material lining , By the material lining rebound, oblique impact to the top of the vortex cavity, but also to change its movement direction, deflecting downward movement, from the impeller flow out of the material to form a continuous material curtain.
Such a piece of material in the vortex press chamber by two times as many times the probability of impact, friction and grinding press. The pressed material is discharged from the lower discharge port. And the circulation of the system to form a closed circuit, the general cycle of three times the material can be pressed into 20 mesh below. In the whole press process, the material against the impact of their own squeeze, not in direct contact with the metal components, but the impact of oil and material lining, friction and smash, which reduces the angle of pollution, to extend the mechanical wear time. Vortex cavity inside the clever air from the cycle, eliminating the dust pollution.
Jin Tai machinery has been standing high starting point, always walking in the forefront of manufacturing technology, the company's oil press material excellent, wear, high temperature, corrosion resistance, smooth operation, the use of helical gear drive, Can be low Hot and cold suitable for the production of large: through the reasonable control of the carburizing depth of carburizing, quenching and tempering and thread spacing and tilt of the unique process design, both in the press in the press chamber to promote the speed of reasonable and uniform, but also to obtain a strong Squeeze pressure, so as to achieve a double increase in production and oil yield. Can be used for desalination of vegetable oil, but also for low residue rate of hot pressing. Frequency conversion feed oil rate is high: the machine can be pressed according to the different oil to achieve feed frequency control, Promise regulation, a strong ability to transport oil and oil quickly softened, the oil rate is higher, press more pressing press. Multi-stage pressing automatic aligning: The machine is designed for three-axis work at the same time, automatic self-aligning, multi-level advance, multi-level press, reduce the pressure of the screw and squeeze chamber and chamber phenomenon. Technology leading low temperature cold pressing: low temperature peeling cold pressing, the oil directly from the oil separation, the whole process does not involve any chemical additives to ensure oil safety, health, pollution, can be made of the original high-level oil and efficient use of plant protein The
Relative to the large number of transgenic soybeans, the domestic production of raw materials rich in corn oil is more secure. Because corn oil on the elderly diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes and other positive prevention and treatment role, and some elderly people every day fasting consumption of a spoonful of corn oil, as a tonic. We can also use their own home-style oil press at home to squeeze their own, this is even more healthy, in addition, corn oil contains a very rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, coupled with their absorption by the proportion of the body can exceed 90 %, So eat corn germ oil can prevent skin aging, keep skin luster. The only drawback is that the price is more than peanut oil and soybean oil, resulting in the elderly used to soybean oil, young people are buying the phenomenon of peanut oil, blending oil in line with people "oil to change to eat" consumer psychology, in fact, no matter what oil, as long as Choose a good meal can be a healthy diet. Peanut oil raw materials itself contains 37 essential nutrients the body, do not need to reconcile other oil, you can meet the daily nutritional needs of the human body to achieve nutritional balance. The use of oil press "squeeze" peanut oil market. Nutrition expert Dr. West Wood said that fresh peanut oil to ensure that the nutrient elements of peanut oil is complete, is the human body needs trace elements. At present, the market in addition to some brands of peanut oil to note the use of fresh raw materials, other peanut oil brands are lack of fresh consciousness.
However, sunflower oil in the domestic market is not a well-known edible oil varieties, but it is useful, in addition to cooking, but also for cold dishes, cold food seasoning oil, so that dishes delicious. Sunflower oil in the international market sought after many, more well-known domestic multi-force one. Sunflower oil is not only taste fragrance, cooking when there is a nutty fragrance, as well as cosmetic effect, be regarded as a petty bourgeoisie of an oil. After repeated refining of the multi-force sunflower oil to remove impurities and harmful oxides, less fumes, housewives are like.

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