The benefits of peanut screw oil press machine

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screw oil press machine

For soybean oil we are most impressed by the fact that soybeans contain vitamin E is the most, in fact, if we eat their own soybean oil, then we can better use the screw press their own squeeze it! This kind of virgin oil in the market is rarely able to buy, so our soy oil ah peanut oil ah, you can use a screw oil press machine to their own processing, natural health, first of all today we talk about soybean oil Rich in linoleic acid and linolenic acid, the average per capita edible, but not high temperature, not suitable for fried food.
Second, we talk about peanut oil nutrient-rich, suitable for all people to eat, but peanut easy to pollute Aspergillus flavus, the toxins produced by strong carcinogenic, so crude crushed peanut oil unfit for food. Corn oil is easy to digest and absorb, its lower cholesterol than soy oil, sunflower oil, resistant to frying, suitable for all kinds of people. The advantage of olive oil is rich in oleic acid, as a monounsaturated fatty acid oleic acid, both to avoid the polyunsaturated fatty acids in the body caused by oxidative damage, but also to avoid saturated fatty acids easily lead to increased blood lipids, is the elderly Preferred. Safflower oil is known to have the highest oil content of linoleic acid, especially for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high cholesterol, three high population.
Good peanut oil press, of course, compared with the press of French oil in the leaching of French oil production, but for such a request for many manufacturers are very difficult, because this procedure is very complicated, due to the relevant process The operating temperature is relatively low, making the solid material in the degree of denaturation of the protein is smaller, the quality of the corresponding meal is better. It is very beneficial to feed the meal or extract the plant protein from the meal. The quality of the leach oil is slightly worse
In the use of peanut oil press in the process of organic solvent solubility is very strong, it can not only dissolve grease, but also some of the oil pigment, lipid dissolved out, mixed in the oil, so that the oil color becomes darker, impurity increased The In this way, the quality of leaching of crude oil compared with the press oil is worse, the refining rate should be lower, but also a corresponding increase in the work of the refining process. When the French oil is pressed, the pretreatment process can not completely destroy the oil cells, protein denaturation can not be very thorough; press the temperature can not be very high, press the pressure can not be great. Therefore, the pressing method can not be pressed oil, squeezed cake oil residue rate is still high. Such as ZX · 18 oil press squeeze a variety of oil to get the cake, the residual oil rate of 5% -8%. In contrast, the use of leaching French oil, whether it is direct leaching, or pre-pressing leaching, can be leaching pulp residue rate of 1% or less.
The main working parts of the peanut oil press are with the rotor. Driven by the motor rotor, the rotor drive the rotor on the high-speed rotation of the material, the material into the crushing chamber by the hammer plate after the high-speed impact was crushed, finished material through the peanut oil press bottom sieve outside the machine, the material size can be adjusted by sieve The gap to adjust. The rotor consists of a spindle, a disc, a pin and a composition. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber. Material from the upper feed port into the machine, by high-speed movement of the blow, impact, shear, grinding and grinding. In the lower part of the rotor, a sieve plate is provided, and the particle size smaller than the size of the sieve is discharged through the sieve plate. The coarse grain size larger than the sieve size is retained on the sieve plate and continues to be hit and ground, and finally discharged through the sieve plate Outside the machine. Is a new type of high-efficiency gravel equipment, in the project with the domestic industry and the gravel industry specific conditions of the development of the latest generation of counterattack crusher. Using the latest manufacturing technology, the unique structure of the design of a new generation of impact crusher, processed products were cube, no tension and cracks, grain shape is quite good, counterattack broken broken material size does not exceed 500mm, compressive strength does not exceed 350MPa of various coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), which is characterized by small size, finished cube, simple structure, broken than large (up to 40), less energy consumption, production capacity, Uniform particle size, and selective gravel effect. Anti-break is widely used in a variety of ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, cement, chemicals, construction and other industries. The size of its nesting size can be adjusted, broken specifications diversification.

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