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But we can learn how to learn about thehydraulic oil press machine common faults and troubleshooting methods ah, but we can learn to learn about the oil press common troubleshooting and troubleshooting methods ah And the attention of the purchase of the oil press these as our ordinary life people are necessary to understand.
Olive oil is rich in a single unsaturated oil, can reduce cholesterol and prevent cancer of plant elements, this nutritious oil is very high, so we need to use better to achieve better results, as well as antioxidants, shelf life than The general edible oil long; can freeze frozen case can still save the original nutrition. Edible olive oil can also reduce the risk of heart disease. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Cardiology, long-term use of olive oil has a 50% reduction in coronary heart disease. Olive oil in the heat will lose the original taste, this is because the high temperature heating will evaporate some alcohols and lipids. In addition, long-term consumption of olive oil, the cells will cause some damage, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease. Olive oil is almost a representative of the pursuit of high quality of life, because of its health and health functions, by the strong pursuit.
Olive oil is from the mature or ripe olive fruit extracted from the natural fruit juice, taste fragrance, yellow color through the green, cooking when there is a fruit and vegetable flavor, and will not destroy the color of vegetables. Compared to cooking, olive oil is more suitable for salad sauce. Olive oil is the most commonly used edible oil in the Mediterranean coast, such as olive oil, is an essential raw material. As the virgin olive oil at high temperatures will produce a strange smell, generally suitable for salad sauce, refined olive oil can be used for fried food, in addition to olive oil is also used to make cakes and other food.
For olive oil we all heard, but how many people in the end we know more about olive oil? Let us now let our professional research oil press experts to tell us about this knowledge is not only our daily life can be used, but also for women friends will have more benefits Oh!
Olive oil in cosmetic use
1. Face: After washing the face, with "olive oil + salt" repeatedly gently massage the face, from the frosted, moisturizing effect. And then steamed face or hot towel Fumian, remove the pores of the naked eye can not see the dirt, increase the skin's luster and elasticity.
2. Lip: the weather suddenly cold, cold or stomach is not good, people often appear lips peeling dry, then, as long as coated with a small amount of olive oil, two or three days after you can make your lips re-run. There are still many women with olive oil to replace the lip gloss, so that the lips show natural luster, of course, the effect is less than lip gloss continued.
3. Skin care: hand joints, foot joints and hip and other parts easy to dry and produce wrinkles, often using olive oil, can restore the natural elasticity of the skin. Autumn and winter skin is relatively dry, especially the legs and the location of the arm, olive oil with moisture and maintenance role, in the ordinary dry time can be wiped three times a week, especially dry days can be wiped daily.
4. hair care: general hair care is very simple, just in front of the comb on the comb drops three or four drops of olive oil can be, and will not make the hair greasy. In addition, after shampooing, like hair conditioner, light hair dry hair, even to the hair on the olive oil, and then wrapped with hot towel hair for 10 minutes, you can make the hair becomes shiny and supple.
5. Make-up and Remover: This is a little mention of the role. Ladies use dry powder to do the foundation usually encounter a trouble: powder to rub hard to stick to the face. But the skin is often due to vigorously rubbing swab produce aging, over time the wrinkles to climb the face. Olive oil helps on the makeup, just painted a thin layer on the face, that can be on the makeup, both nutrition skin, but also to prevent powder off. Most people use BB oil products such as remover, but for sensitive skin and skin sensitive parts, often worry about allergies, especially in the unloading eye makeup always be very careful. And with pure natural olive oil to remover do not have to worry about. Used as makeup remover, the amount of less than the makeup on the makeup, as long as the use of a small amount of cotton dip, and then gently wipe the face of the makeup, you can effectively remove the oil and chemicals.
These care methods for our ordinary people how much we have noticed, but we have not specifically for these aspects to do it! Experts suggest that we can buy their own oil press and then buy their own raw materials so that they can squeeze their own olive oil, oil press is now fully automatic, the operation is very convenient and simple.

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