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hydraulic oil press machine

Although we all think that hydraulic oil press machine this thing is a mechanical, but he has the characteristics of treatment of our health, although in daily life we ​​are not very careful, but later through our research, now people are More emphasis on health and health ah, but we can also better these practices to the vast number of consumers to provide a better health platform, we Jin Tai machinery production of household-type oil press can make our vast number of consumers at home to produce their own The use of oil, so the more natural jewelry on our lives more and more healthy, especially for those of our elderly, to strengthen sexual function, improve and extend sexual pleasure period, the sexual function has improved significantly. On the treatment of menopausal syndrome have a better effect. Sustained oral administration of the product 1 cycle (2 - 3 months), can significantly reduce blood lipids, phospholipid layout of the hydrophilic groups and lipophilic groups, can cut off the blood vessel wall deposition of lipid things, strengthen blood flow, Improve the micro-reincarnation, to improve the treatment of coronary heart disease, arrhythmia and other vascular diseases and various types of complications have a better effect. Repair the blood vessels: Rana eggs with dredging, softening, repair the inner wall of the blood vessels and brain puzzle function, so that blood vessels to restore tension and flexibility, more "brain gold" reputation. Delay aging, anti-governance Dayton, Ziyin beauty. Its rich protein, protein, trace elements, vitamins and minerals, the growth and development of organisms, delay aging and healthy and strong all have a strong effect. Lin frog oil after the expansion of the release of collagen white matter, protein and alcohol and other things, can enhance the body's body is the skin of the community metabolism, to keep the skin smooth, fine-run, the body of the young, healthy state. It contains rich collagen protein, and human body skin has a good sense of intimacy, easy to be skin to receive, to prevent hand, foot wrinkles, replenishment, sun repair, wrinkle, itching, dilute the stain, Hair care nurse and improve wound healing have a better function. Circulation of blood: Rana eggs rich in oil does not meet the maximum fatty acids, can make the blood Le Le natural excreted, restore blood flow, so that heart, brain, liver, kidney and other parts of the ischemia, no hypoxia, Commonly known as "blood sweep street workers". Can improve the essence and blood deficiency, nervous organs weakness, image of the force, milk less than embolism. Hydraulic press from all over the purchase of processing forest frog shrimp frog oil Daisen, can improve the body resistance. According to the study, shrimp frog oil and many other features, men and women are young and old. Women eat, can make beautiful beauty, Ziyin liver, make up the excretion, delay aging.
We used hydraulic press to squeeze rapeseed oil but did we really understand rapeseed oil? Is it good or bad for us to be healthy in the end? Do these most of our consumers understand? Although now pay attention to natural, healthy food, but we through the hydraulic press press the nutritional value of edible oil in the end where? Today, we Kam Tai Machinery to see our results of these products can give consumers how much value.
Nutritional value from the point of view, the body of digestion and absorption of rapeseed oil can be as high as 99%, and gallbladder function. In the liver in the pathological state, rapeseed oil can also be normal metabolism of the human body. However, the lack of rapeseed oil linoleic acid and other human body must be fatty acids, and the composition of fatty acids are not balanced, so the nutritional value of lower than the average vegetable oil. In addition, rapeseed oil contains a large number of erucic acid and mustard glycosides and other substances, these substances are generally considered adverse effects on the growth and development of the human body. Such as in the consumption and rich in linoleic acid with the excellent edible oil edible, its nutritional value will be improved. The health of the body, but great, but we are more important is to eat the health just fine.
Rapeseed oil for the crowd:
Most people can eat.
Patients with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure should pay attention to eat less.
Rapeseed oil therapeutic effect:
Chinese medicine theory that rapeseed oil sweet, Xin, the temperature;
Can be moistened insecticide, scattered Dan, swelling poison, clinical for roundworm and food intestinal obstruction, the effect is better.
Through our analysis of the nutritional value of the rapeseed oil squeezed by the hydraulic press today, we asked the experts to give us some guidance on how to eat some rapeseed oil in order to be healthier.
1. Because there are some "green smell", it is not suitable for direct use of cold dishes.
2. Grease has a certain shelf life, too long to put the oil do not eat.
3. High temperature heating of the oil should be avoided repeatedly used.
4. Because rapeseed oil in the absence of oleic acid and other essential fatty acids, and the composition is not balanced, the nutritional value is slightly lower than the general vegetable oil, so in the case of conditions to eat less rapeseed oil is appropriate. Such as in the consumption and rich in linoleic acid with the excellent edible oil edible, its nutritional value will be improved.

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