Rape seed oil press machine oil rate and the relationship between fried seeds

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rapeseed oil press machine

Rape seed oil press machine the oil out of the key in the fried seeds, as long as the Rape seed oil press machine have a little understanding of the three know the machine, seven fried seeds of this argument, which shows that Rape seed oil press machine and fried seeds have a direct implication, if that Raw materials, frying is not in place, then there will be a cake is not a problem, the raw material frying the old will appear slag serious cake will not be flake, then in the end what kind of raw materials should be how fried it?
First of all, we first judge the problem of water, if the water is too large, then we can not use the early frying process too much fire, to use the fire in the raw materials inside the volatile water, this way when the oil will not because of oil Water vapor problems and a lot of slag out. Rapeseed raw materials should be fried into twist after the deep yellow can be, so that when the oil out of the oil will be very beautiful, the oil rate has greatly improved. Rape seed oil press machine the oil rate and the temperature of the fried material has a very big relationship. The same time as
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