Screw oil press machine press the peanut oil to require better storage conditions

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peanut screw oil press machine

The automatic oxidation process is related to the season, and if it begins to store in the winter, the low temperature can effectively delay the lipolytic enzyme and the process of automatic oxidation and rupture. Oxygen style, with the seasonal changes in the temperature rise, the temperature at 15-30 ℃, on the one hand due to the role of lipase, so that oil hydrolysis, acid value increased, on the other hand the oxygen in the air immersion, will promote the grease Oxidation to form hydroperoxides.
We will give customers training if the good or bad speculation, a direct impact on the quality of screw oil press machine oil and oil, there are "three-point squeeze, seven speculation," the argument, we can see the fried material in the oil extraction process In the importance of the fact that the fried material is the quality of the fried machine and the operator's skill to me. I press the company's oil press gear, the models are installed vibration reduction noise device, thick steel plate and fried chamber volume, can be a variety of heating fuel heating (coal, electricity, gas, firewood, etc.), making the whole process The design concept of the frying machine is greatly improved, and the quality of the frying machine and the quality of the frying seed are greatly improved. The equipment such as the oil temperature display instrument, the reverse switch and the magnetic separation function are installed. The operation is simple and the degree of automation is high. So that the oil can be very full of fried, making the oil rate greatly improved.
At the same time, peanut automatic peanut oil press of these research and research line for the material due to electrostatic reasons will also be attached to the surface of the liner to form a "cushion layer", resulting in research and development of material impact crushing function greatly weakened. When the liner surface adhesion of fine powder thickness of 1MM, can make the body of the material impact to the material when the impact of one-third, which led to decline in line production, powder power consumption increased. More simple solution to the top of the tube to increase the upper part of the axial fan fan, while the wire machine rotary sieve out of the chute and other parts of the closed plugging to prevent air leakage caused by short circuit.
Peanut oil press is now also divided into a variety of crushed peanut oil is squeezed oil press oil, not like leaching equipment as refined oil, oil extraction oil peanut oil in rural areas generally do not need to extract, but I heard just used The oil squeezed out of the oil press is toxins, this is really not clear. Here look at the storage method of peanut oil.
In the general storage conditions, the process of automatic oxidation and rancidity of the peanut oil produced by the screw press is: the automatic oxidation process is related to the season. If the storage begins in the winter, the low temperature can effectively retard the lipolytic enzyme and the oxygen , With the changes in the season, the temperature rise, the temperature at 15-30 ℃, on the one hand due to the role of lipase, so that oil hydrolysis, acid value increased, on the other hand, oxygen in the air immersion, will promote oxidation of oil to form hydrogen peroxide.
Is our well-known spiral press manufacturing enterprises, always adhere to the people-oriented, honesty, innovation as the soul of the enterprise development concept, a profound understanding of the people to food for the day to ensure food safety, not only to ensure that others are healthy, but also in the Protect themselves and their families from poisonous food. Over the years, devote themselves to research and development of green, low-carbon energy-saving screw press, hire state-level experts to help improve food processing technology, has developed a new environmentally friendly energy-saving oil press and other products. These new machinery in the production and processing of food in the process, without adding any food chemical raw materials, is really let consumers rest assured that the green food, welcomed by the majority of users. At present, the national research screw press is not only popular in the provinces and cities nationwide, but also sold to the world dozens of countries and regions. One of China's new energy-saving oil presses specially favored by US users. Home consumption of peanut oil if properly stored, it is easy to cause deterioration, deterioration of peanut oil after eating on the human stomach has a strong stimulating effect, and even cause poisoning. "Kam Tai presses" suggested that in order to prevent the deterioration of peanut oil, the following measures can be taken:
1. To properly select the storage container for peanut oil. Oil can be used for a long time ceramic pot, to minimize the caliber of the container; oil less when you can use opaque dark glass bottles. After the oil is full, the bottle should be sealed, so that oil and air isolation, to prevent edible oil oxidation deterioration. People are often accustomed to using metal or plastic bottles (barrels) to eat edible oil (the store is also the case), is actually very unscientific, because the metal molecules and plastics in the plasticizer, can accelerate the deterioration of cooking oil.
2. Storage containers should be placed in a cool, dark, dry, low temperature place. As the sun in the ultraviolet and infrared can promote the oxidation of oil and accelerate the formation of harmful substances, so the oil storage containers should be minimized with the air, the sun contact.
3. Store peanut oil to prevent high temperatures. Storage temperature to 10 ℃ --- 15 ℃ for the best, generally should not exceed 25 ℃, therefore, summer should not be stored, should try to buy fresh peanut oil, it is recommended to buy fresh pressed peanut oil, regular consumption of fresh oil. Also note that cooking oil can not be mixed with water, or easy to make oil emulsification, turbidity deterioration. Can also be 40: 1 ratio to the oil by adding hot oil, can play the role of water absorption.
4. To prevent the oxidation of peanut oil deterioration. If the unit is released or friends and friends feed more time to eat, you can use pepper, fennel, cinnamon, clove, vitamin C and other antioxidants a little added to the oil to delay or prevent edible oil oxidation deterioration. In addition to the selection of colored small mouth glass storage, the remaining container storage period to half a year is appropriate, the longest should not be more than a year.

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