The working principle of hydraulic oil press machine

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hydraulic oil press machine

The principles of these hydraulic oil press machine, and the working principle of the peanut oil press, although the working principle is almost the same, but the use of technology or some differences, so we are using the most advanced technology, I found that these are here The oil machine makes it easy for our users to operate. The last step is to use the peanut oil press near the end of the time, you can also squeeze the top of the oil on the top of the pad cushion, press the press when the pressure is low, can slowly twist, wriggling the handle on the stud, Thickness, while increasing the moisture into the press embryo, to be squeezed chamber temperature. Rose to about 90 ℃, oil press often run, the cake can be transferred to the thickness of 1.5 to 2. 5mm, and the tightening nut tightening the oil press after the normal operation, the oil content of oil out of the oil mostly concentrated in the row and the former group of circular row. The row of the oil accounted for about 60% of the total oil output, the former group of about 30% of the row; and the end of the oil is very small, into a drop line, oil is very clear. Repeatedly squeeze two or three times to rapeseed or soybean oil squeeze to do, during this period can be more oil-containing oil residue evenly mixed with the material embryo press, cutting to maintain uniform, avoid suddenly more suddenly, Otherwise it will affect the life of the press and the oil rate.
This will be placed on the edge of the press box on the top of the squeeze into the squeeze into the box if the oil less, you can start in the oil when the oil rise, so that the oil on the plane slightly lower than the upper surface of the press; otherwise it will not be on the roof Manual control valve handle press the press must have someone to operate, the host in the boost process is not allowed to leave the pressure table to 55 MPa when the main motor to stop working, or should immediately turn off the power, check the pressure gauge is damaged, AC contactor is damaged, if damaged should be replaced immediately check and then use the boot.
Hydraulic press machine machine made of high carbon steel, high frequency quenching, heat treatment, high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, high temperature and pressure to adapt to continuous operation, improve the oil press life, the use of Time up to several decades. Design science, reasonable structure, easy operation, safe and stable, the use of fully automated device, from the feeding to the finished product once completed only a few minutes. Free from climate constraints, north and south all seasons, because the oil pan device using a heating temperature control system, according to the ambient temperature, automatic adjustment of the oil temperature, in order to achieve the effect of rapid fine filter, so not the season, the impact of climate, Can be squeezed every year. Oil press common fault and troubleshooting methods Under normal circumstances, no row between the slag or very little slag, in the bar out of the slag, such as slag was fine flake that more water, the powder residue is the water less. In addition, there is a situation when we use the peanut oil press to change the location of the oil can be seen into the water is appropriate, when the squeeze water is too high or too low, the oil position are moved backwards. Hydraulic press during the operation to check the oil press often the situation, and control the moisture content of the embryo is neither too high nor too low. The normal cake should be flaky, by pressing the sprinkler shaft side smooth, the other side has a lot of fur pattern. In running the news check cake, the water that controls the embryo is very high but also low. The cake is normal, to squeeze the screw shaft sheet side by side, smooth, there are many. Such as bread, cakes, osteoporosis, not deep, hand pinch, show the same as when the water, the embryo of bread, soft, or large bubbles rise oil, water too much. Under normal circumstances, the circle of people or very few dregs, slagging, such as slag in the slag, thin bed sheets, water less water powder slag
When the hydraulic press presses the lower pan to the lowest position, loosen the movable rod nut, unplug the two movable pins, and rotate the movable lever on one side. After the cake is loaded into the chamber, the movable rod is turned back to the original position, and the pre-press is pressed to see the oil, and the piston is returned. The remaining cake is packed into the official press (the general hydraulic press can pack 20 pieces. Squeeze the oil content of high oil (such as peanuts, rapeseed), squeeze the first time with the first low-pressure pump work, the oil after the use of high-pressure pump work. If the pressure gauge pointer found back less than zero, Should be timely calibration, repair or replacement to open the return valve, the oil will automatically flow back to the tank, the piston automatically fall, you can press the press.
Check and debug the hydraulic press We need more and better methods: Before the pump test, first add a clean mechanical oil or vegetable oil in the tank, press the handle up and down to see if the piston of the press is up. If the piston does not rise or the handle is not laborious when pressed, to check the fuel tank of the valve, and remove the air in the pipeline for the whole machine pressure test, the test pressure is 25 times the working pressure, check the piston out to The maximum working stroke, the regulator for 15 minutes, the pressure gauge reading drop shall not exceed 4% of the test pressure; all oil should be no leakage; after all the pressure unloading, the pressure gauge pointer back to "0" Should be no damage, the rod should not have significant deformation, moving parts without jamming phenomenon.

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