The advantages of coconut oil pressing machine

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coconut oil pressing machine 

As we all know, all walks of life in accidents after another, grain oil machinery and equipment industry is no exception. Jintai coconut oil pressing machine manufacturers in the press here to remind the majority of users, the machine is in operation must pay attention to safety, personal safety is most important.
  ① dynamic change in the machine, belt drive portion should be added to the shield.
  ② dynamic change in the machine is prohibited by hand or metal rods inserted into the hopper or pull to come up with cake.
  ③ before driving or moving the machine in turn, is strictly prohibited pressing shaft screwed into a dead point to cause slagging head slightly and a cake ring wear contact with each other.
  ④ machine operation, the current does not exceed 15 amperes.
Jintai coconut oil pressing machine of a machine, for a variety of oil-bearing crops, peanut, rapeseed, soybeans and other oil crops.

1, before using coconut oil pressing machine, first of all should be ready assistive devices and containers, check and adjust the belt tightness. Then start the motor, the screw press idling about 15min, check the speed of pressing screw shaft.

2, lubricating parts should prevent intrusion of dust and other debris, to be checked every year gearbox oil quality time, such as to detect deterioration, replace all the oil

3, should be checked after every 50 hours of lubrication, gear box oil above shall not be blank in oil, pressing screw shaft bearing adjustment screw adjustment screw hole filling butter once dry grinding is prohibited.

4, when production was reduced, a cake or oil is not normal, it should be squeezed out of the screw shaft, checking pressing bolts, cage bars, wear the mouth of the cake, to the timely replacement of worn parts.

5, the end of the production season, when long-term storage, maintenance should be conducted, and the pressing screw, cage bars, the cake mouth washable re-oiled, dry place.

6, each class after work, the machine should be removed biscuit, clean the machine surface dust, grease.

coconut oil pressing machine effective maintenance is to improve the press life of the equipment most important way to improve the productivity of the most important methods.

1. Environmental protection: general press, after rolling pressing need to use other raw materials edible vegetable oil, and noise. The machine uses direct filtration, edible vegetable oil without low noise, the production process does not add any chemical raw materials,, with green food standards.
2. The energy efficient "ordinary press working fifty kilograms of raw materials required to power 13 kilowatts motor 1 hours, this machining fifty kilograms of raw materials, with a 3 kW motor power consumption in just 5 minutes, several times to improve efficiency, save power 90% or more.
3. multiple uses: ordinary press roll virgin raw materials, the only by-products as animal feed, after this machining, such as pounds per hundred pounds of peanuts to squeeze 28--35 oil, peanuts can also be processed into high restitution protein, low-fat green food, such as processed spicy peanuts, skin peanuts, peanut tofu, artificial meat, peanuts, pickles, peanut candy ﹑ peanut granules and other peanut products. Higher value-added products. No loss: ordinary spiral extrusion press to produce high temperature, so that the oil nutrition decreased 6% loss of raw materials, this machine uses a physical press, no heating, there is no loss, the oil rate is adjustable, with the famous oil brand compared to the United States.

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