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seame oil press machine

Customers in the purchase of sesame oil press machine , after transport home, it is best not to use directly, but the need to first run after the sesame oil press machine , and then the normal use. After running the sesame oil press machine will take full advantage of the oil, the customer's profit maximization.
In the run-in period need to pay attention to the place there are several essentials, first of all, from the hopper slowly feeding, repeated back to squeeze. So that squeeze the screw polished, the cake molding, smooth, remember to start pressing not directly into the material into the hopper, and hand to feed is appropriate to prevent the squeeze spool stuck; such as feeding too much, sesame oil press machine  squeeze Abnormal noise inside the box or squeeze the shaft stuck, should immediately stop, eliminate obstruction, the cake at the mouth of smoke. And then squeeze the hot cake to spread in time to avoid spontaneous combustion. When the continuous working time is longer, the machine temperature is too high, should take the fan blowing and other cooling measures for continuous work, the heater can stop working.
Single-phase electric oil press feeder part, is to complete the oil, oil processing operations of the main premise, there is no feed channel, it can not complete the oil processing and other operations. Because of this, the feeder in the long-term use, there will be blocked situation.Therefore, the daily clean-up feeder, is to ensure that the single-phase oil press normal and efficient operation of the basic situation.
sesame oil press machine  before starting, you must first conduct a comprehensive inspection, the fasteners should not be loose, flexible handle rotation, hand pulley, the operation of parts should be normal, no abnormal sound, then in the gear box filled with mechanical oil. Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise so that the tapered surface of the squeegee is tightened against the tapered surface of the cake, and then adjust the screw ring clockwise and tighten the lock nut. This is the sesame oil press running process, we produce various models of sesame oil press machine , there is a need for customers to welcome the consultation.

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