Use and preservation method of peanut screw oil press machine

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peanut screw oil press machine

Now the peanut screw oil press machine press will become the only choice for edible oil, who first entered the oil extraction industry, who first made fortune. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people from the initial solution to the problem of food and clothing to eat out of nutrition, call out the new concept of health. The strength of a filter processing capacity, mainly depends on its filtration rate, then the hydraulic press speed is how to it? Here we do not explain in detail, we have to understand how this is going on. Here to tell you how to speed up the filtration speed. When the solid particles in the suspension, the particle size is uniform, the filter layer of the filter residue is more smooth, the filtrate through the residue layer of the larger. The use of flocculants will be fine particles assembled into larger clumps, is conducive to improving the filtration rate.
Edible oil is our life can not be a lack of a role, that oil is how to produce it? Our peanut oil press accessories with the development of science and technology, the traditional way to squeeze the oil as early as the machine to replace the squeeze. For the suspension of solid particles, the application of filtration in the upper part of the filter medium, so that the filter direction and gravity direction consistent with the coarse particles first settlement, can reduce the small filter oil filter media and filter layer clogging; in the difficult to filter (Such as colloid) mixed with diatomaceous earth, expanded perlite and other coarse solid particles, can make the filter layer becomes loose; filter viscosity is large, you can heat the suspension to reduce the viscosity.
Peanut oil press need a new and efficient intelligent bag pressure filter system is based on a number of oil filter system to be improved on the basis of a new structure, small size, easy to operate simple, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improve efficiency, so that oil Easy to complete, and filled with oil capacity, filter bucket design advanced science, which can be used for 2-3 sets of oil press supporting that is healthy eating oil industry. Today, from the green, healthy point of view, to provide the most advanced, intelligent and efficient oil extraction equipment, to build a trend in line with the development trend of the new oil extraction brand, producing first-class reputation of healthy grain and oil, has a very broad market prospects, Low investment, zero risk high income, in fact, the first choice for business projects. In the peanut oil press after 40 hours of work should check the lubrication, the gear box above the oil cup shall not be short of oil, squeeze the screw shaft adjustment screw bearings should be adjusted from the screw hole in each class of butter once, rigorous oil-free dry grinding occur. The oil parts should be to prevent the invasion of dust and other impurities, the annual need to check the peanut oil press equipment, the quality of the oil box when the crushing capacity to reduce the squeeze or oil is not normal, the squeeze should be extracted, check the screw, Squeeze the paper, the cake ring wear, wear parts to be replaced. After the end of each class work, should be removed peanut oil press machine inside the cake, clean the surface of the machine dust, grease. Peanut oil press equipment in the production and processing for some time after the need for maintenance, maintenance of the place is also very much, we hope that the majority of peanut oil press equipment operators to carefully read our articles, so as to make our peanut oil press equipment Better job processing.
Home consumption of peanut oil if properly stored, it is easy to cause deterioration, deterioration of peanut oil after eating on the human stomach has a strong stimulating effect, and even cause poisoning. "Qifeng oil press" suggested that in order to prevent the deterioration of peanut oil, the following measures can be taken:
1. To properly select the storage container for peanut oil. Oil can be used for a long time ceramic pot, to minimize the caliber of the container; oil less when you can use opaque dark glass bottles. After the oil is full, the bottle should be sealed, so that oil and air isolation, to prevent edible oil oxidation deterioration. People are often accustomed to using metal or plastic bottles (barrels) to eat edible oil (the store is also the case), is actually very unscientific, because the metal molecules and plastics in the plasticizer, can accelerate the deterioration of cooking oil.
2. Storage containers should be placed in a cool, dark, dry, low temperature place. As the sun in the ultraviolet and infrared can promote the oxidation of oil and accelerate the formation of harmful substances, so the oil storage containers should be minimized with the air, the sun contact.
3. Store peanut oil to prevent high temperatures. Storage temperature to 10 ℃ --- 15 ℃ for the best, generally should not exceed 25 ℃, therefore, summer should not be stored, should try to buy fresh peanut oil, it is recommended to buy fresh pressed peanut oil, regular consumption of fresh oil. Also note that cooking oil can not be mixed with water, or easy to make oil emulsification, turbidity deterioration. Can also be 40: 1 ratio to the oil by adding hot oil, can play the role of water absorption.
4. To prevent the oxidation of peanut oil deterioration. If the unit is released or friends and friends feed more time to eat, you can use pepper, fennel, cinnamon, clove, vitamin C and other antioxidants a little added to the oil to delay or prevent edible oil oxidation deterioration. In addition to the selection of colored small mouth glass storage, the remaining container storage period to half a year is appropriate, the longest should not be more than a year.

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